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I suffer from a form of dyslexia caused by 'Visual Stress' - I'm sure this has been discussed many times here on these boards - and need to wear tinted lenses to read comfortably. A few months ago, I emailed Kindle's customer services department and asked why page colours where either white or sepia on their devices and apps. I explained about visual stress, and that I needed 'minty green' to be able to read comfortably, and they actually replied within an hour saying that they would consider this for their next upgrade. I completely forgot about this until I bought a tablet a couple of weeks ago. As I turned it on, it wanted to upgrade everything, then I logged into Kindle to see if my books had all transfered. Then I went into the settings and to my suprise, there was my 'minty green' page colour option - in the correct shade as well!!! Now, my Kindle app is a joy to use :-)

If anyone else here needs a tint to read comfortably, just email Kindle with your colour prefrence, and hopefully they can include it for you.

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So pleased for you,just shows there are answers if we ask.x


Good for you,will keep us post as need eyes tested soon,as on dyslexic too.

Just shows you,kindle is a company that cares



Thanks for this. I love my kindle, so much easier to read than a book. Love the fact you can change the font and the line spacing. I'll never buy a normal book again


I love my kindle too. Didn't know about the colour option.Thanks


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