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Nervous about my paper 2 third attempt

Hiya all sorry havent been on here for a while abit of a stressful life atm with full time work and college. I sitting my paper 2 exam again tomorrow its it 135 questions on lots of different science about animals. I notice when reviseing hard for it this exam I find that same reason. When I answer the question. I sometimes put down the wrong answer even through I know the right answer and meant to put that one down. This exam is multiple choice answers and I need 65% to pass which I think is high. For example I know the answer is A and put down D but I meant to click A. Does anyone else notice this when doing exams.

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Nerves are a very peculiar thing! I go to pot when I do exams too. Try to relax and take it easy - I get the feeling you are going too fast. Double check the answer before you move on. Don't waste time trying to work out things that you can't remember - do all the 'easy' ones properly first. Then revisit the harder ones when you've finished the whole paper. You will pick up more points this way. Slow down and breathe! GOOD LUCK let us know how you get on.


Thank you for yours reply I just took me 2 hours sitted the exam. I made sure I was slow and answers the easier ones first then when back just got to wait for my results


I have sadly fail my paper 2 and may be asked to leave the course, I have important meeting on Thursday to see if I can have a fourth attempt.


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