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December Monthly Meeting— December 9th

We will have the Monthly Meeting for December on the 9th, on DI. It’s going to be with ALL 3 groups (DI/DRWF/HE). If you aren’t a Member of any of the groups, but are interested in being able to attend and participate in the meeting, please click on the follow button for the group and then also click on the follow button for this posting (we will use this posting for the meeting and agenda).😀 The meeting times are: 10 am (USA), 3 pm (UK) and 7:30 pm (India). The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

1.) Week of Dec. 25-Jan. 1– Activity2004 will be off for a vacation. cure— in charge of the DI group. Shashikantiyengar— in charge of HE group. HOBIEONE— assist DI/HE. lfn1– report spam— comments/postings. cure/Shashikantiyengar takes care of the reported spam/comments/postings.

2.) Volunteers: New for HE- Jerry.

3.) Any tech. issues/glitches?

4.) Comments/Concern/Questions/


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