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new here

well not sure were to start but here goes

on the 4th july 2016 my husband scott was in a very bad RTC van on van head on smash

he was took to hull with a bleed to his brain and other things

sent him home 5 days later by taxi he was a mess had to take him to boston hospital

any way after waiting 4 months for a mri they have told us he had stroke at the wheel of the van

hubby has mobility problems a long with his mental state his short term memory is rubbish and he has lost blocks of his long term memory too 7 months down the line and all he has seen is the OT and gp when he had mri scan back in November the report was sent to gp which said he needs to see stroke team and another mri I went on Wednesday to ask he can fly only to be told the have not referd him and are doing it now so the have sat on this info for 4 months and done sod all why the hell did they not give him a mri scan while he was in hospital ? so he has now been 7 moths without treatment soo his recovery is not looking so good,

am glad I have found you and sorry for rant


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Rant accepted!

WOW, a head-on, 5 days in hospital, to be sent home by taxi and then 4 months later they tell you he's had a stroke? Not only that, but you (your husband) still gets no treatment for a further 3 months???

It beggars belief!!!


Hi Tony I think at Hull they was only treating the brain bleed we asked if he could be moved to boston hospital as going to hull from skegness was a jurney in its self and I don't drive so had t9 beg people to take me up to see him or pay them

They did say they was trying to find him a bed there but next thing he home in taxi ?

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I "fell through the cracks" too, but not to this extent. This sounds like gross negligence! Talk (I use the term politely) to your GP. Explain the situation. Tell them (the medical profession) that you aren't pointing fingers, but the care could've been better.

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No wonder you are ranting. Sounds like v. poor care.


Hi Rose, you and your husband have really had the rough end of the stick; rant away! The NHS can be great for treatment but especially with strokes there doesn't appear to be rehabillitation. I suspect that most of us have been discharged after a stroke with a load of unanswered questions and no rehab. The following link will take you to the Royal College of Physicians Stroke Guidelines for patients: strokeaudit.org/Guideline/P... It has contact points at the back of the document and, it will tell you what should be happening so that you are confident in asking for treatment. Find out the name and contact details of the Consultant Neurologist who diagnosed your husband and the contact details for the Consultant's secretary. Ring up or email that secretary and say that you would like an appointment to discuss your husband as there isn't any rehab and you need guidance; mention the Stroke Guidelines. That may kick something into action; that's what I did after my stroke. If that doesn't work, you may have valid grounds for a complaint regarding the delay in taking an MRI and starting appropriate treatment; contact details are at the back of the Stroke Guidelines.

I wish you and your husband well. It's a long path but the brain may gradually remap. Come back and tell us how you get on or have a rant.



Thank you so much for your reply I will be looking into it soon John



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