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Moving to Spain under threat of dialysis

Hi All,

I live in the UK. I am 61 years old and I am facing dialysis in the next 12 months because my wonderful 38 year old kidney transplant is finally failing....soon I have the opportunity to live in Spain permanently or possibly for some months of the year. Could anyone please advise me who I contact regarding my healthcare provider, likely costs, ? BREXIT influence etc

Much Appreciated,


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I was in Andalucia, Spain when my kidney failed some 10 years ago.

I left the NHS by filling in a form, receiving written notification from them and putting it into the system via the INSS


Hospitals in the Malaga area are extremely good and it's there I had my catheter fitted for PD and later my fistula, They deliver everything to your house free should you fancy PD which should be OK for a few years whilst you settle in.

Once up and running after training you go back to hospital about every 6 weeks for bloods and review.

Now back in the UK I realise how good the Spanish system is compared to here. Not that the UK one is bad but just not as good as Spain.

However it varies between regions as provinces have autonomy on things like health cover.

Andalucia having one of the best for health care.

Whether this will continue after Brexit is unknown.


Thank you so much. Your response is very helpful.



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