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General Anaesthetic

hey, hope everyone is ok? I had my pre op on Wednesday, everything went swimmingly until I had a phone call today from the nurse I saw on Wednesday..

everything is [ was planned ] for my brachio cephalic fistula to be done under general anaesthetic on Monday. (I was really happy) as my last AV fistula was done under local and was horrendous..

The phone call today was reguarding my blood results from Wednesday, GFR was at 10% now at 9% now saying the anaesthetist isn't happy to do it now under general I am at 9%.

Can anyone shed any light on why I may not be able to have it under general and what complication may occur..... really dreading Monday, was quite happy about 7 hours ago...

many thanks

Lou xx

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I think it may be something to do with the substances in the drugs and clearing rate afterwards

From what remember they can contain potassium, and they'll be wanting to give fluid as well so it's maybe a risk to your heart at 9% function

They need to be careful

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thank you, ive tried everything on google on to why they may not ne able to do it under general. and no clear answers given... Thank you


The magic number for the kidney seems to be 10%. Once it goes below, they'll do everything to get it higher, and ask you to do everything to get it higher than 10%, under that dialysis is a possibility, and all surgeries have to go through cardiologist and nephrologist to make sure you're ok. My husband is having this same issue right now.

He lost, dropped to 7% quickly, and is having trouble fighting off a year long infection.

Keep us posted. I wish you much luck. Good news is nephrologists are so smart, deal with so much blood and everything in it. He/she will take great care of you. (I just haven't met a bad one yet).

Prayers for you - if you don't mind. 🙏

Jfish5 🦋


Good morning. Thank you very much. D Day today and I am a bag of nerves. Would just like the general. I really hope your husband makes a quick turn around and is back on his feet very soon.

Yes the doctors and nurses are all totally amazing. What would we do without them ay.

Take care, thanks again xxxx


Most of them. Some of them need to find a new career 😜 as they are very bad at what they do.

Most are priceless. I do wish you well under general anesthesia!!

Hugs dear one. 🤗


Hope all went well Lou and that you got your general. Let us know how you got on when your feeling better.

Take care

Charlene xx


Wahooooo all done and we have a BUZZ. After the threat of it not working. It has and is working lovely.

I hope everyone is well xxx


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