Pregnant and being tested to be a donore


Can any one help, my parents and sister are due to be tested to see if they are a match in October, however I am excited to find out my sister is pregnant and due in March. I've always been against her being tested as she already has two other children but she wouldnt take no for an answer about being tested as she said I would do the same which I would with bells on.

Does any one know if she can still be tested whilst pregnant. To be honest I would rather she didn't get tested but no one in my family is listening to me. I'm full of guilt for putting them through my illness and getting tested.

Any advise on how to handle this would be good.

People that post on here have helped me learn more and open my eyes to living with kidney failure rather than it taking over me.

Hope everyone on here is going to have a nice bank holiday weekend


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Hi charlene

Congratulations to your sister! Lovely news. I think doctors will initially do blood tests, although the results may be different while she is pregnant. They will show whether or not she is a suitable enough match. I dont think they would consider doing anything more than that at this stage. If you are in England, it's quite a long process anyway. At least 6months. Not much help I know. Good luck x


Thanks Nicola I am from England and aware the process is long, after the initial tests to see if I have a match.