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Smokers, Vegetarians Carry Lower Risk of contracting Covid-19- All India CSIR Study - Ministry of Science & Technology - Govt of India !


India among many countries was badly hit by Covid19..Thank God we are now recovering very fast..

As per the Study result conducted by CSIR- Ministry of science & Technology - Govt of India :

(1) Smokers Carry Lower Risk for Covid19- It is strange seems smoking is protective...well otherwise Smoking is injurious to Health....and all over the world smoking is discouraged...

(2) Vegetarians carry low risk for appears the Govt was initially hesitant to publish this Study result...for fear of Meat, fish industry being badly hit...but finally they had to publish the results.

(3) People with Blood group -O Carry less risk for Covid19 than B and AB group....this is in line with the findings from other countries..

(4) People using Pvt vehicles carry low risk than public transport...for obvious reasons...

Stay Safe ! Stay Healthy !🙏

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Thank you.

I was speaking to a friend, he mentioned that a medical drink locally produced using local herbs, poor people are taking is also very good!

You can find more information in the link below:

mistidahi in reply to sandybrown

Yes. People from tamilnadu state (southern India) use this kabasura kudineer which is a mix of herbs boiled together is an effective medicine for preventing any virus

sandybrown in reply to mistidahi

Thank you for your response. I am sure this drink is helping many people. COVID -19 vaccine is avail for my wife and me, we have had the first jab, waiting for the second one in 12 weeks time.

I saw in the news that India has started the vaccine delivery.

Take care.

mistidahi in reply to sandybrown

Thanks.The first round of vaccine is for doctors and health care personnel. The second round is for people above 50. Now first round is underway in India. The young lot in south india has managed well with herbal remedies for prevention

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