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Blood Group type may affect susceptibility to Covid19 Respiratory failure


120 Researchers from various research institution from all over Europe have found out from the Covid19 victims that blood group type could affect the Susceptibility towards Covid19 Respiratory failure..

It appears people with blood group type A positive carries 45% more Risk to Covid19 Respiratory failure than the non A group type...

People with Blood Group type O have 35% less Risk than people with non O type....

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Thank you very interesting article.

"Blood groups. There are 4 main blood groups (types of blood) – A, B, AB and O. Your blood group is determined by the genes you inherit from your parents. Each group can be either RhD positive or RhD negative, which means in total there are 8 blood groups."

"Red blood cells sometimes have another antigen, a protein known as the RhD antigen. If this is present, your blood group is RhD positive. If it's absent, your blood group is RhD negative."

I hope that all the research and efforts to help make a better picture of dealing with the Covid19 is gonna help. I’m not even sure what blood group I am!!! Thanks for your post namaha and also to you sandy

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Dear Sunflower

It is always better to know your blood group type....even otherwise it is required during an case one needs urgent blood....

In fact it is recommended that every body need to have an identity card which should be with you always ....

Your name...

Blood group type....

Your address...

Emergency contact number of your close relative.....

Stay Safe and please take care!🙏

Thanks so much, I ll call doc and ask for it and ask how my vit D can be check

ed. A mine of information and tips as well 😊💕🌈

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Dear Sunflower

Vit D level in the blood is a very simple test...can be checked from the same sample of blood taken for your blood group checking.

The exact test name is " 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D test"

Or you can simply say that you want to test your vitamin D level in the blood .

However, pending you test results , there is nothing wrong in having sunlight exposure of 30 mnts per day 3-4 times a week between 10.30 AM to 1.30 PM ....without Sunscreens lotion.

It is the only natural way of getting vitamin D...

And if your test result is extremely low , then perhaps your Doctor would prescribe you vitamin D capsules/ tablets.....

😊😊 I’m so grateful for your kindness and support X

I'm A positive, so obviously our government armed with this knowledge will ignore it and I have a little more to worry about. So really people over 60 should be wearing medical grade masks, ignored. The whole thing is so mismanaged and leaving a lot of people open to infection and death. I doubt this will get much air time in the media.

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Dear Bicyclist

You need not worry .... study says you may carry a risk, but not that you are going to have it just because you have A group.. .......

Say "No" to Fear but Say "Yes" to All possible precautions...including wear a Medical grade musk... Hand hygiene ... Most important stay away from crowded places like super marts, malls, markets....

If possible self quarantine your self in a room if you could.... Do physical exercise daily and keep your blood sugar under control ....Have a healthy Diet and keep your immune system strong.....

Covid19 will hate to come to you ! 🙏

Stay safe and take care !🙏

We all need to go for blood test to check our blood group.

Armed with this information and the photo in this article, go to your doctor to ask few questions. The doctor you speak to may not have enough information to offer any help??

In UK, NHS do not offer blood group test!!, if you are donating blood then the blood group is checked.

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Dear Sandy

You need to have your blood group at the tip of your tongue....😊

I remember my blood group since last 30 years ..

My Company issued Identity card clearly indicates what blood group I have....

This is a must at all times and will be helpful in emergency in case one needs blood urgently. .

namaha, I looked at each of the sites indicated for this article, but couldn't seem to see the studies and findings for the statement made above - am I missing something?

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Dear Cann

Thanks for your response !

Which web site you wanted to see? But could not see....

The same report has been published by several reputed media houses both in print media , digital and several Televisions channels ...

Also circulated in you tube... Social media...

If you google it out you would get 1000' s of hits on the subject ....

If you want to refer medrixv as mentioned in that article ... then it is here for your reference...

1st one is the study in Europe and 2nd one is a study in Wuhan, China...

However, the report is not yet peer reviewed .... since the study was concluded very recently...therefore it may take time to get included in any medical journal...

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy 🙏

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Thank you, namaha, I don't use social media, but will check out the sites.

I am particularly interested because when I was seriously ill in 2000, I sought out a blood group nutritionist/kinesiologist and she asked what my blood group was.

I said 'O neg'.

She was surprised as she said that I tested more like an 'A' type sometimes and 'O' others.

She was doing her best to help me with nutrition because I could take no more drugs, my doctor said, due to severe damage by drugs.

The practitioner asked what my father's blood type was and I said 'O positive' and then she asked my mother's type and I didn't know, but she was in hospital at the time seriously ill, too, so I asked the nurses what her type was.

They couldn't tell me due to data protection as I wasn't next of kin - my father was.

I asked him to write a letter and I found out that she was 'A neg'.

That was the reason that I sometimes test like an 'O' and others an 'A' - makes nutrition very difficult for me!

You keep well, too.

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Dear Cann

I appreciate your point and Iam sorry to hear your plight.

This is only a study conducted at China and thereafter in Europe...

The study says it is only an increased risk by 30-40% if one is type A...not necessary that one with type A is going to have an infection !

And all studies may have its own limitations ...

So you need not worry. Take all precautions and eat a healthy food whatever belief you a lot of physical exercise.... Do some deep breathing Pranayama ......deep inhale....hold your breathe as long as you can.... then exhale gradually and slowly..........Repeat cycle 15 times or more...... You have every right for the oxygen which is freely available everywhere abundantly ..... And let me tell you Oxygen Rich Blood Haemoglobin will do wonders to your overall health.......and keep your self hydrated with a lot of fluid..... Keep sipping 4-5 times a day with Soup, warm water , coffee/ Tea..... Covid19 can come near you.......🙏.......also please take all precautions. ......Keep yourself isolated.... Of course everybody worldover is advised self isolation....irrespective of health condition...

Now if one has a health condition we need to be extra careful...

And you will get a vaccination come Sept 2020.....if you are stationed in UK....

You can also read one of my posts if not already given below...

Stay Safe , Stay Healthy 🙏

in reply to namaha

Thanks, namaha, we have to remember, too, that we are all different and not everything suits everyone, but exercise, good food, relaxation techniques and positivity among other things all help.

I am not sure about vaccination.

I would need to know exactly what is being injected into me before I would agree to it.

I have just been extremely cautious since being damaged by drugs in hospital in 2000 and with many allergies as a result.

"Could your blood type help protect you from coronavirus? People with Type O are nearly 20% LESS likely to test positive for COVID-19, 23andMe study of 750,000 people finds

People with type O blood were between 9% and 18% less likely than those with other blood types to test positive for coronavirus

Those with O-type blood who had been exposed to the virus were between 13% and 26% less likely to test positive

Researchers say this indicates a link between variations in the ABO gene, which determines blood type, and COVID-19"

You can read more here Mail on line.

As scientists reveal that your blood type could decide how badly you suffer coronavirus, we reveal the best ways to find out yours

People with O-type blood appear less likely to get coronavirus, study shows

O+ is the most common blood type in the UK, according to the NHS

People can find out their blood type from an NHS doctor or donation service

DIY home tests are available for £7.99 and private clinics will do it for £71+

Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19.

You can read more here on this link:

People with Type O are nearly 20% LESS likely to test positive for COVID-19.

If you can please have your blood test for COVID-19.

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This has been studied scientifically both in Wuhan China and also Europe...

The original studies are as follows:

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