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Corona Virus threat- 80 Dead and 2800 struggling for survival

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Corona Virus seems to be taking a serious turn:

# World stock market was down today due to weak sentiments due to corona virus

# USA, Japan, France air lifting their citizens from China..

# India is screening all passengers arriving at airports... Anyone found to have elevated temperature is being quarantined and sent to specified hospitals.

# WHO chief is flying to china to monitor the situation..

# China has come to a stand stil.

Prevention is better than cure ! Most of us are already on some kind of medication...avoid further medication πŸ™

Advisory from WHO

(1) It is likely that coughs or sneezes from an infected person may spread the virus.

(2) Cover coughs and sneezes with your handkerchief or your inner elbow

(3) Wash regularly your hand with an antiseptic liquid soap..

(4)Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands.

(5) Stay home from work or school if you have a fever

(6) Stay away from people who have signs of a respiratory tract infection, such as runny nose, coughing, and sneezing.

You may please note that Corona virus has not appeared all of a sudden..Animal/ bird originated virus has always attacked human beings in the past...

....We had similar incidents due to animal/ birds originated virus infection on human beings where thousands of people died. The virus were also identified as follows and millions and millions of birds/chicken/pigs/ goats were killed and buried under the earth to contain the disease !

# SWINE Flu,

#H1N1 virus

#SARS virus,

# Avian Flu

# Ebola virus,

#Nipah virus,

# MERS ( middle East respiratory syndrome )

# Even HIV/AIDS virus are believed to have come from Chipanzees to human in Africa and then from human to human....and we still continue to fight with the disease.....

# Rabies,

# Plagues,

Common influenza common cold are proven to get originated from birds and animals....

Further many T2 DM's resort to meat eating on a regular basis in order to control blood sugar..

No doubt , meat is a low GI food and it may keep you out of hunger for a long time and may be one is able to control his blood sugar. But it is a food for thought for all...πŸ™

(1) Health studies reveal controversial results of Saturated fatty acid in meat on long term human health.

(2) Animal/birds rearing calls for deforestation to house them and there is increase in green house gases like Methane and carbon dioxide affecting climate change.. Global warming, Antarctica ice melting, water table receding , bush fire.....

It seems logical that animal rearing for eating their meat is not a sustainable proposition......If we and our next generation want to live in this planet Earth.πŸ™


It is my personal opinion and HU is in no way connected with the views expressed by me...

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Thank you for your input, I have plans to go to Sri Lanka, but my family are concerned on air travel. This can lost a very long time before getting it under control according to expert.

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Things are uncertain..

If Chinese govt is constructing a 2nd new hospital even before completion of the 1st hospital...things appears to be grave !

No one is sure how long will it last..

Better to remain at home before things settle down!

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If a country can build one hospital in a week there is a lot to say for compared to western builds, As in UK the hospital project was stopped half way!

May be China need to build multiple 1000 bed hospitals to serve the population.

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These hospitals are being exclusively made on war footing only to accomodate the Conrona virus victims....

One hospital is nearing completion within a week and the 2nd one being started as per news in TV...

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Chinese response is very impressive. Pray for good health of everyone affected. Good thing is it is a known strand of corona virus. So cure or vaccine should be near or at least everyone affected can be quarantined quickly.

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Dear Prashant

I wish a vaccination is developed soon , unfortunately the causalities is on increase...

However without undermining human capabilities ,HIV/ AIDS virus was identified 50 years back and we are yet to invent a vaccination ...I may seem to be a pessimist with due apology .......πŸ™

Diabetes is as old as Mankind .... where is the cure ??☹️

Similarlly, can you please refresh your memory about a dozen such virus outbreak that happened during last 30 years killing 1000's of human beings - all originated from animals and birds ......( Please refer my original post above )

Where is the vaccination?

Everytime , it is a Novel virus---novel meaning never seen before ....

What is worse, in china it was found out that a person may not have any symptoms and still he can carry corona Virus and infect others and others can die ....We just live in fear....

At least in India, what Biocon chief Kiran Shaw Mazumdar has proposed is a 500 crore budget to create a repository of all virus identified so far.. ....

What does it mean???

It means every virus when seen through microscope has a different shape, size, characteristics, kind of symptoms it can create , what kind of treatment it responds to ...

Next time when a virus outbreak happens in future , at least we can compare with the virus in the repository and immediately plan a treatment which could be similar to a past virus....

However, the ideal situation is i would not eat meat and so at least I should not be a party to encourage animal rearing....which apart from virus outbreak also affects climate change / global warming ...the health benefits of eating meat are controversial though including hormones and animals may also have cancer cells...

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Dear namaha,

Sorry for responding so late. As long as humans are on earth, there will be causes to death. Be it viruses or any other thing. Leaving in fear or stopping your life or enjoying it, it’s in your hand. I would like to be in fool’s paradise where at least there is hope and happiness. That being said I totally concur with you. You have given pretty solid argument. I would say to be safer at this point of time and do all basic things to be healthy which for some maybe leaving meats etc. I am still surprised and sad that we are losing lives everyday and it has became an epidemic. Pray for all those affected to get well soon.

I thoroughly enjoyed (for want of a better word) your long, but very useful post. Also has some very sound information to consider. Thank you.

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Unfortunately , there seems to be no improvement in the situation !

Death toll has risen to 106 and the total no of people confirmed to have got infected have gone up to 4500....

Almost all countries across the globe are reporting confirmed cases !

Let us pray God that the incidents are contained ! πŸ™

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Thanks for keeping us informed. We are all hoping for better news each day.



They ought to come to the UK to sort out the infrastructure, i.e. the NHS, hospitals, railway system, housing...

they will sort it fast.

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Telecoms first, medical next and construction after that!!

in reply to sandybrown

Yes, that's so true.

They can revamp everything. :)


A new virus Strain H5N1 has been detected in China in chicken...

The Chinese Govt had ordered killing some 18000 birds ....

This virus H5N1 seems to be similar to H1N1 virus outbreak in USA in 2009...

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