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How Neuropathy Affects the Body?

I understand that Nerve Health is an issue that concerns many including diabetics.

A healthy lifestyle, blood sugar control, and optimum nutrition to maintain and preserve the nervous system could lower the risk of nerve damage according to the Diabetes Control and Complication Trial, a major study by the National Institutes of Health.

Neuropathy affects the cardiovascular system by interfering with nerve impulses that regulate blood pressure and heart rate. As a result, blood pressure may drop sharply after sitting or standing causing dizziness or fainting. Diabetics with autonomic neuropathy may also not be able to feel angina (chest pain) as a warning sign of heart disease.

Peripheral Neuropathy damages the nerves of the limbs, especially the feet. Symptoms of this type of neuropathy are numbness, tingling, burning, cramps, extreme sensitivity to touch or loss of feeling for pain, pressure or temperature. Due to loss of sensation, foot injuries or ulcers can go unnoticed, resulting in serious infections that may spread to the bone. Damage to the nerves often results in loss of reflexes and muscle weakness.

Nerve damage can prevent the bladder from emptying completely, so bacteria can grow more easily in the urinary tract. When autonomic neuropathy damages the nerves of the bladder, a person may not know when the bladder is full or controlling it, resulting in urinary incontinence.

I will be grateful if knowledgeable members of this forum can throw more insight into how to overcome the damage and what is effective treatment for this kind of nerve disease.

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Cranberry Juice is best for urinary disorders/ urinary tract infections for diabetics and non diabetics. It should be free of sugar and 100% juice. Its available in USA - some vendors have started selling cranberry fruit on Amazon but are coated with sugars which is not good. If you can find cranberry juice ( not the one from a brand called " Real". It only has 2% cranberry juice and whole lot of sugar).

2 years back, I drank cranberry juice ( tart and little sour, 100% pure though) when I had frequent urination ( every 2 hours). Within 12 days, it helped me get back to normal and since then I never have to wake in middle of night or have any urination issues. I drank 200 ml early morning on an empty stomach.

My mom who is a diabetic benefitted from it as well and so have other 4 people who had this issue. If you can find pure cranberry juice in india, i suggest you try it for 10-15 days early morning on empty stomach and see the results yourself. It doesnt have any sugars, is loaded with natural antioxidants and has host of other benefits to body.



1) idm to control bs

2) a1c target 5.6 and less

3) lots of vit b12.

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Diabetic neuropathy is really a problem but the real cause is sugar. So first control sugar. For nerve take supradyn and Diavit Plus one tablet after food. Restrict carb and preferably follow LCHF diet. Thanks

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Diabetes mellitus cause dyslipidemia (excess cholesterol in the blood). This causes hardening of arteries by depositing fat on the inner walls of the blood vessels. Reduction of flow of oxygenated blood through capillaries causes less supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the nerve cells. The damage caused to the nerve cells is irreparable.




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