New data challenges decades of nutritional guidelines


New data challenges decades of nutritional guidelines

A 40-year-old study that examined the connection between dietary fats and heart health was finally fully published last week in the British Medical Journal and revealed evidence that directly contradicts widely accepted nutritional dogma, including the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The study, known as the Minnesota Coronary Experiment, followed thousands of institutionalized patients, comparing the influence of a diet low in saturated fat to one that was naturally higher in fat. The results showed that patients deprived of saturated fat actually suffered more coronary-related events despite lowering cholesterol, compared with the group on the unrestricted diet. "Had this research been published 40 years ago, it might have changed the trajectory of diet-heart research and recommendations," said researcher Daisy Zamora.

The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (4/12)


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3 Replies

  • This study back then was probably suppressed to please the master of "Cherry Picking" or "The Texas Sharpshooter" logical fallacy as it is called -- Ancel Keys. 

    I think the master of current Low Fat Nonsense also came from Minnesota

    More on "The Texas Sharpshooter" logical fallacy:

  • Interesting that when posts like this are put up there is a deafening silence from the usual suspects. All it would take to start the ball rolling in their direction would be a scientific rebuttal which would support their position that saturated fat is the killer it patently is not! 

  • I concur with you.

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