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Expansive drugs by Columbia Asia doctor though economical drugs available. Is this a racket?

Expansive medicine by Dr of columbiasia hospital.1

Lyrica 75' was prescribed by columbiasia doctor .each costing about Rs.80/-. I used for a week and I found equivalent @ Rs.5/-. I am using This and quite comfortable. There fore always get chemical name not the brand name.

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Seems to be a powerful drug.No doubt your thinking is correct,but be sure that what you are buying is made by a reputed company.


I am using Nova 75mg, of Cipla co . Comfortable. Why this happens ? Doctors coluded in this racket. I have found this on many cases.


Please read about how branded drugs is also a billion dollar scam in a country like USA. It's all about commissions and money for everyone at the expense of the poor patient. They are ruthless and FDA will never warn such doctors. FDA only gets after doctors who reduce the drug sales :)

Generic drugs = no commission for doctors.

Branded drugs = 20% goes to doctors.

Let me tell you one live example which happened just a few days back.

One of my relative's wife was recommended knee MRI and referred to a specific diagnostic center on a prescription pad given by that center to all doctors in city.

That friend asked for rates and he was quoted 6000.

He asked me what to do. I called up the diagnostic center and told the person who picked up phone that its all over TV that diagnostic centers give 40% cut to referring doctor, so actual rates should be 6000 minus 40%. So don't give that cut and pass on to customer else I will report to press and make sure press gets after your center.

Do you know what happened?

That friend went to same center and was billed Rs 4000 even without asking for a discount. Even for blood tests he was given 20% discount!

Then next day, he went to the doctor with the report. The bill was in that report. Doctor saw the bill before the report. Even doctor had said it will cost 6000. This is how patients who trust blindly are cheated :(


I think there is no immediate solution. Patients should become educated, read well and guide others. Too much of exploitation. The drug what I use is less by 1600%. Now I am practicing finding equivalents always. I am sending a link in India to find equivalent drugs . There are many such websites. The only way is to insist and regulate that doctors prescribe by drug name not brand name.


Sorry I give the link .http://www.mydawaai.com


And, the same friend who was consulting another doctor gave him multiviamins costing 210 for one strip. Poor guy bought 5 strips for 1050. Every visit he was saying something different (and this is a orthopedic surgeon with 20 years experience and flashy degrees) and charging 500 bucks every weekly visit.

The second doctor, who prescribed MRI, said they are useless and wrote some other multivitamin. What a joke really. All busy raking in money prescribing their own favorite brands and poor patients suffer. 90% doctors are like this and it is difficult to find that 10% good ones.


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