i am a diabtic for the last 10 years and now i have developed a sex problem. penis not erecting properly. if erected with use of Himcoline cream or Japani oil even then erection fails in between. Please guide what medicine,creams,oils are successful for this purpose.What are permanent medicine for giving full erection not temporary medicine like menforce tables etc.


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  • Control your blood sugar that is the only way.

  • Ok, 2 suggestions: I came to know from Native Medicine Doctors.

    1. From the native medicine shop, get gum of Drum stick tree, make a powder and mix it with milk and see the result.

    2. Ffom Aloe vera, take the cream inside, wash the Cream (7 times) to get rid of the smell, take palm jaggery mlx it well and take. No Impotency and enjoy the sex.

    Have continuously either one of them and get the best result.

  • The language is not clear. Pls explain more.

  • Post your current blood sugar levels, lipids and diet.

  • What is your age , Blood sugar levels,H1b and lipid profile

  • Please do not use any medication ( oral ,injectable,massage oil or cream ) without the advice of a competent and qualified person. Other wise it may cause more harm than benefit for your ED

  • Yes fully agree with you

  • It is purely psychological.However the best remedy is to control your sugar level with in permissible limit. Try LCHF for one month. You will feel the difference. Follow

  • Thank you for correction.Actually I copy paste the link.So the previous link also might be wrong.I assure you this mistake will be not there.Thanks once again.

  • First you need to research the side effects of your meds. At present their are over 20 million men with ED. I found out that there are 70 medications that can cause ED. google ( chemical castration wakeupgethealthy ) Many of these meds slow down the blood flow. The less blood flow the more complications like Inflammation to the extremities. Less nitric oxide being produced naturally. First look to find to regain your health with a natural solution validated by science that it works. Take a few minutes and research ( seed nutrition recover health now )

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