ear problem

i am having severe itching problem in both my ears for a very long time. for the past 10 days the problem is severe. i don"t apply any medicine. a thick yellow substance is sticked to the johnson buds when i used to clean the same. the buds also get moistured and a foul smell emanates from the buds. is it require any medical attention or mere ear drops will do. i am 78+


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5 Replies

  • Consult an ENT doctor.Using Johnson buds is not advisable as they push the wax into the ear.The doctor will clean your ears safely and also advise you regarding cleaning the ears safely at home.

  • Consult your ENT specialist. Please do not put any ear drop. Your condition can be due to allergies or infection or both. Self medication is a dangerous thing.

  • thanks to all who have responded. i shall consult an ent

  • how to differentiate between wax and pus

  • Please consult an ENT SPECIALIST.If there is wax ,he will remove that. Otherwise it could be due to dry ears,which is common for diabetic patients.ENT DRwill clean the ears and give medicines to apply inside the ears.Any way ,it is not advisable to use buds.It will harm the ear drum.

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