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Regarding the penis hardness problem.


Hi, My age is 28 and I am a healthy guy and there is a problem which I am facing that while doing the masturbate my penis is hard enough but while going to have sex with my partner my penis lost its hardness and I am not able to penetrate to her....this was happened 2 times with this due to tension because every time i go for the sex i think about that same incident and i become nervous....even i took caverta 100mg...then its not work for me and same happend to me this any problem with my penis...or what...kindly suggest any gel or that i get my hardness back...

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I think you don't need to worry about your hardness. All you need to do is, next time when you go for sex with your partner ; have sufficient time, don't hurry, don't be over excited, don't be anxious about your hardness, take it very casually. This should help, try it.

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could you suggest any lubricant or enhancer oil or sth so that i can gain my confidence....

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and thanks for your kind of you...

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Your partner should give you full cooperation.

Have enough time if not overnight.

I'm advising you this by experience not by profession.

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nope...i m not diabetic...

This could happen due to anxiety of having sex with your partner.

Please take

Makaradhawaj Vati twice a days with milk.

Suvarna Vasant Malti Ras 1 tab with few drops of honey honey before bad.

Apply coconut oil mixed with some Karpura before intercourse.

Give time to your self and be patient without panic.

from where i can purchase this makaradhawaj vati and suvarna vasant malti....

You can ask for DABUR, ZANDU

Actually mind is also a pseudo sex organ . Well more approach from your partner may excite you . Ask her to kiss you and foreplay for long .Perhaps this problem is temporary .But it happens to many . Did you check tour testosterone level ? Surprised why Cavetra did not work . Take Megalis 20 if you have no cardiac ailment .

Himalay Drug's Himcolin ointment can also help. Apply locally

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