BOOK 'Bye T2D DEFEATING DIABETES ' written by G.Sreeprakash , published by PARTRIDGE ( a Penguin Random House Company )

I have this April last week published a book titled ‘Bye T2D DEFEATING DIABETES’ through Partridge Publishing which is a Penguin Random House company. The book is being made available on-line across the world through leading portals like Amazon, Flipkart etc. . Fortunately the book is reportedly being received well. The book details how simple and enjoyable life-style changes can ensure effective self-management of diabetes with such management constituting the most important aspect of proper management of Type2Diabetes or T2D for short.

Since the platform being offered through your site is attempting diabetes education aimed at the beneficial aspects related to management of diabetes being passed on to its members, I would request you kindly to bring the news of publication of the book and its availability across continents to the notice of the esteemed members of the site. They will stand to benefit immensely in bringing their blood sugar levels under control without in any way settling for boring and thus unacceptable changes in their routine life and life-style.

I would therefore request you to go through the book and generate your esteemed views in this regard. In case found to be to your liking which I certainly know will be the case, an appropriate tie-up for making available the book to your members after extending the author-discount can be considered for being worked out.

In case of your requirement of copies of the book, kindly let me know for it to be couriered to you.


‘Bye T2D DEFEATING DIABETES by G.Sreeprakash

Published by PARTRIDGE ( A Penguin Random House Company )

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25 Replies


    What would be it's price and availability in Pune India

  • The inconvenience is regretted.For the time being you can please visit the facebook page For delivery on cash-on-delivery basis anywhere in India you can place your orders with flipkart OR OR OR In case of any problem you may please refer to the links in full given in the facebook page. Price quoted vary among sites. In case of any problem in this regard, please post your comment here to take corrective action if any required.

  • Only in it's available that too in dollar payment. Others seems to be not having at this moment of time. Please give us clear information.

  • Against Rupee payment, it's available from, and The price quoted among these three is the lowest at flipkart which is making it available on cash-on-delivery basis at Rs.299/- a copy.

  • Dear All Do not go for this at all

  • Why?

  • Medfree hope you have seen my reply to all.

  • Yes I have. Thanks.

    As a type 2 I do not have to refer to anything except

  • Can you tell us what's wrong with this book. Please be open to the forum.

  • the cost?

  • Please check up the relative sites like FLIPKART.COM, AMAZON.IN, AMAZON.COM etc.

  • Only in it's available that too in dollar payment. Others seems to be not having at this moment of time. Please give us clear information where it's available.

  • Against Rupee payment, it's available from, and The price quoted among these three is the lowest at flipkart which is making it available on cash-on-delivery basis at Rs.299/- a copy.

  • Please give the link of after checking.

    I tried many times and it says not available.

    And it's Rs. 449 paperback in

    May be it will take a few days to get updated in online sites.

  • I'll check up and get back. Please visit facebook page for the full flipkart link. Face book link is Please look over the links given in detail.



  • Is the author of the book diabetic?

  • Yes.

  • Is there anything new in this book even after reading Jenny Ruhl's and Dr. Bernstein's diabetes solution?

  • No idea because I have not heard of till now let alone read what you are mentioning.


  • I am asking in the sense that, is this book about writer's experiences or information about diabetes? After reading what I have mentioned I hardly find any new information from these new books.

  • I guess NO. It will be just a recompilation of everything from everywhere I think :)

  • It's from my experiences aimed at making people aware of the manner in which the condition needs to be addressed through a combination of life;style changes related to eating,approach to physical activity and medication in that order.The changes suggested, I believe, are easy and enjoyable to practice like spreading out one's eating rather than depriving one of food one likes,engaging in more of routine physical activities as distinctly different from exercise, and in many ways articulating that managing diabetes is in fact about following intelligent self-management. WHAT THE DOCTORS WISH YOU KNEW AND WHAT YOU WISH YOU WERE TOLD ABOUT DIABETES sums it up.

  • Only a diabetic life style can take him /her to a safe life and not a Book, if the book is so helfull it should not be restricted in internet selling site it should be available in indian book stores because so many diabetic are in india do not know this health Unlocked site name my question why the book name and other things is not published in indian local nes paper to extend the nenefit to maximum sufferer. or its an MLM selling.

  • The publishers, I understand, are proposing to retail the book through book shops later on after watching the reviews it elicits in the on-line channel. The book is not at all India-centric or for that matter aimed at any geographical region in particular. Since the book is open to being available globally, it carries a different price tag in each area. The on-line shops are carrying ads in the net for some time now and sales levels are indicated to be quite satisfactory. As the author of the book I do not find any thing wrong with me trying to promote it. There is also nothing incorrect with my passing on the information for being brought to the notice of members of a related forum in which I've been a member. What has this got to do with MLM selling? There is an obvious disconnect some where.