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Hi I'm Billie from USA female I'm been diabetic 9 years my sugars always high no help from endocrinologist, I started metformin numerous times I finally ended up on

Extended release metformin try that it's much more gentle on your stomache.

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How is your diet and exercise? Often diabetes control can be about what you do or don’t do. Have you discussed additional medications with your endo?


Metformin alone may not suffice ten years down the line, it may be advisable to seek 2nd opinion and get additional medication. However you need to be be following your meal planning and physically active !


This might seem a bizarre question, but ask yourself: do you want to remain diabetic?

Alternatively, are you prepared to do what's required to put your diabetes into remission? The dietary modifications required are not onerous or unpleasant, but many people simply can't face making the changes.

It's a tradeoff. You can accept that you'll spend the rest of your life on medication and eventually succumb to the inevitable ravages of the disease, or you can fix it by accepting that there are certain things you can never eat (that is, certain things your body has lost the ability to process correctly), or that you can eat only in small amounts. If you take the latter course, you may actually find that your body begins to heal itself and you can ease off on the restrictions later. If you're still on metformin (as opposed to injectable insulin), there is hope.

Where would you like to go from here? The choice is yours.


I have an addiction to sodas, I'm now on 100 units tresiba daily, 25 units novolog before meals metformin extended release and steglatro has anyone been on steglatro before ? It excretes sugar through your urine! Thanks


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