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My cousin has high blood pressure been on atenolol 50 mg for 5 months & now on 8 mg of canderstartan for 4 weeks she has started to feel quite dizzy occasionally has joint pains headaches & quite severe abdominal swelling, could all this be related to either one of those tablets, has anyone experienced those side effects? All answers will be greatly received..

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Hi Primrose123

Those medications do have side effects that show some the symptoms you have described so could be the recent addition may be too high a dosage.

Unforunately I am not medically trained to give advise on dosages of changing medication. I would recommend you cousin go to their GP to discuss the side effects they are having and to see what they recommend.

Details of these drugs can be found at:


Thank you Dante Galand for your wise advice my cousin did go back to her doctor and was advised to take 25 mg antenolol in the morning & 25mg antenolol in the evening as opposed to taking 50mg in the morning, so hopefully this will make a difference, your advice was spot on.. many thanks.

Glad it has been sorted. :)

All the best.

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