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New here

New here

Im new here, been diagnosed with diabetes (caused by pancreatitis from alcohol) for about 2 and a half years. I dont drink booze anymore just loads of tea, I take anxiety tablets and smoke cannabis to try and keep depression and/or mood swings away. Im lucky to have a great woman. I try and eat healthy but I do like sweet things. I go hypo at least twice a week taking too much insulin I think. Im tired all the time and go to bed early these days. Im only 37

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The pancreas produces not just insulin but also a powerful enzyme that helps break down what you consume, pancreatitis messes with these levels as the share a duct into the bloodstream- when inflamed the amount needed is messed up, usually reducing both resulting in diabetes or gut over activity & poor absorbsion. Mostly general imflamation will reduce & rectify the problem, but if it's damaged this doesn't revert to normal, & you may need a supplement enzyme. however, the liver is a remarkable organ that tends to heal itself many times until its diseased & unable to. Even the kidneys are able to renew cells until we hit about 30. The advantage is that you no longer drink, congratulations on your personal efforts, this action alone should prevent future flare ups from that,cause. Taking metformin or insulin & an enzyme will help a great deal. It's amazing how many meds can affect the action of these hormones- long term steroids messed up my own. Happy Christmas & may you be blessed with hope for a peaceful Christmas.


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