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sugar levels etc

need some info/advice folks. anyone knows me from other posts pain etc will know i aint never been a precious child/complainer, to tell the truth prob is my downfall, anyhow, her we go...

nearly died 3 weeks back, was worked on in ambulance for 25 mins b4 they took me to a and e etc.

started off with 10am felt all sweaty flu like, wiping it off, son asked if he would cancel work i said no, wassa cold, 2 hrs later gf turned up (thank god) couldnt walk/talk/out of it!

sugar lvl1!

no history or ryme or reason, been fine b4, 5 days in hospital cat scans were cool pancreas etc.

anyone heard of this b4? any info would be amazing folks, thanks again group, aint we great, jim

onna happier term i jus seen option for for (add photo) trust me... ya dont lol

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That's a severe hypo evony123. Occasionally, eating foods that spike insulin can cause a hypo, but with such severity it is more likely to be a medication problem. What did the health professionals say?

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its kinda in limbo mate, they dont know, prob one off, still cant drive till they do. dunno if your uk but i called our nhs today issa helpline cause i got 12/14 and growing spots coming, not around waist.

tried local hospital where i was taken first, apparently they have no record of me being there ffs

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they didnt know, got cat scan pancreas was cool etc, as i said, limbo, feel great but gotta dont drive tag. btw, as of today got what i term as heat spots, notta rash around tummy thing.

oh oh oh, this is classic, im uk btw, i called hospital for info, apparently no info of me being there? musta been a dream lol