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I have struggled with my blood sugar for the past years but think it is not getting better.

For the past four weeks it reads above 10 even when I have had to change my drugs from

a single metformine to amaryl plus the metformine 500mg bd. Am confussed and need some advice

as even without food my blood sugar is high. Thanks

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Plz go thorough Mr SHOOTER GEORGE ADVICE IN THIS FORUM. LWDR ONLYcan be effect ively dealt with.


try gemer 2 of 2mgs try your doc advice first


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To yeamah: I am sorry you are going through this with your blood sugars running higher than they should. Besides me taking Actos 45 mg and Januvia 100 mg I am taking Biotin 5,000 mg a day that I get through Swanson through the mail called Sublingual Biotin Natural Cherry flavor. This not only helps with your skin and hair but also regulates your blood sugar levels to keep them lower. It may take several weeks to see an improvement but actually I saw improvement right away as I test in the A.M. & if I don't take the biotin it is 110 in the morning but if I take the biotin it is below 100. Just take the biotin once a day.

My Dr. said it was okay to take it and it won't hurt you only help.

Are u watching what u eat as far as your carbs and the portions? You might need to up your medicine or ask Dr. to see a Diet specialist. Get books yourself and read up on foods to stay away from and the best foods to eat. Good luck with your journey. You came to the right place. Hope this helps a little bit!


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