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emergency dental care

hey went to dentist on a short notice apptment, severe pain in top left mouth could feel have hole in tooth

saw dentist he looked in mouth for seconds took xray then said yes u hole take thse antibiottics make appointment to see own dentist

i did tell him extreme pain goin on hols at weekend but came out dissapointed that nothing is better

must be something else he could do even if temporary what ?? do i go to walk in emergency dentist hoping they will be able to help?

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oh yea couldnt see own dentist he on leave hence why seeing this other one


Always take care while consulting emergency services.

Dental emergencies can happen at any time and we shouldn't neglect them. What you have done is the right thing, but just make sure that you are consulting the right one.

There are emergency dental services ( ) who work sincerely to help the patients.

Have you consulted your dentist?

Hope you are doing well now.


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