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Is it gum disease?

My husband is only 26 and already has horrible dental problems, atleast it seems so to me, not sure if I am over reacting because I have never even had a cavity so maybe it just seems bad. Anyway last year he had several fillings, a root canal and some extractions and he was told to return to more treatment last december but he never did. Recently he found himself in total agony and had to rush to the emergency dentist who did a temporary filling but told him the tooth would need to be extracted/root canal treatment which is booked for january 17th. Anyway today I happened to be in the bathroom with him whilst he was brushing and noticed he spat a lot of blood. I questioned him about it but he just shrugged saying it always happens. Looking at his gums they look very inflamed, slightly receeded and his teeth are very badly stained and look to have a huge build up of tartar. I don't know anything about denistry but I do have to ask why his dentist hasn't been removing the tartar, mine always does, she never even lets a little bit remain when I go for checks.

My question is would it help if he went to a dental hygienist while he waits for his january appointment, or would they not even touch him in the state he is in?

Also does anyone else know if he can see a dentist in the UK when he normally lives in Finland? Because we are going to be in the UK together for a month or so and I would rather he see a decent dentist and it seems there are none in Finland!

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You need to be a resident in the UK to see a dentist here, apart from in an emergency.

Sounds like your boyfriend has a whole array of issues going on - including the fact he is not attending his appointments (for all you know, he was scheduled a clean).

If his gum health (& tartar) is as bad as you say, he probably needs a 'deep clean' gum treatment - which takes a few appointments and requires the mouth to be nummed up.

If you have a healthy mouth, then of course your dentist is able to clean the small amounts of tartar off in a check up appointment.


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