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As a result of an accident I don’t have my top 6 front teeth. Fed up of the cycle of bridge replacement every so often id like to consider implants but being retired I think of cost. I’m considering dental tourism. Thoughts?

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Oh my goodness, that was some accident you had to lose your 6 front teeth. I didn't realise the bridge replacement happened frequently, I've just had one fitted and that cost £341. To be honest I haven't looked at the cost in this country for implants but have to say that I wouldn't consider dental tourism as I've read so many horror stores about those that have gone abroad to have cosmetic surgery that I wouldn't entertain having it done anywhere other than the UK. I know that's cosmetic surgery but I've no doubt dentistry is very similar, I think if it's cheap then it's a cheap product.

Front 4 originally in motorcycle accident. Outer 2 eventually worn out holding bridge. Replacement not very frequent. I’ve had 12 and 20 year replacements. There are a few decent health destinations that are still going to cost a fair amount. Just not as expensive as the U.K. I do think we are at or near the top of the league for highest cost of living based on my experience of working abroad in Australia, America and several European countries including (Germany, Holland & Italy).

You really have been through it with your teeth and it makes me wonder how long mine will last. I'm not well travelled like you so you may be in a better position to make a choice but I've read so many true life horror stories about operations and the like abroad, none about dentistry I hasten to add, that it puts me off going abroad.

I do agree with you regarding expensive, the cost of dentistry in this country is astronomical hence the very rich dentists!