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red patch / sore in lower inner lip

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hi! this is my first time posting and i’m pretty concerned on what this is on my lip. it came a couple days ago and doesnt hurt. yesterday another one came up on the other side of my lip. i recently started lamotrogine and effexer medications if that could have anything to do with it. thanks!

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@jasper414, Hey first of all, kindly stop self-medication and go to any dentist/medical doctor ASAP. It can cure both your red patch on the lip as well as the tension it causing to you.

My younger daughter once had a similar red patch on her lips, it wasn't hurting her so didn't she showed it to me. But after a few days, fortunately, I found it and googled with the symptoms and they were showing up severe diseases like cancer and all! I was desperate and fetched her to the nearby pediatric dentist, as I assumed her braces caused the wound! But the doc comforted me and explained that all the red and white patches inside your mouth are not cancer but it may lead to cancer if left untreated! And my daughter's patches were caused due to some fungal infections and he referred us to a medical doctor. She is fine now. I believe it is because she got the treatment at the right time, that is why I highly recommend you to consult a doctor at the earliest instead of worrying about it and having medicines on your own.

Hope you feel better soon.