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How often should I get my hearing retested

I currently wear one hearing aid & have done so for about four years. I suspect that my hearing is worse than it was when I was originally prescribed my current HA, but I haven't been recalled for a new test.

I was prescribed my first HA by the local hearing service after a referral by my GP.

I know that with my glasses it is recommended that I have a new eye test every two years, but I have never been told & have not been able to find out online, if there is a recommendation for how often you should get your hearing retested.

Does anyone know if there is in fact such a recommendation and if so what it is.

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Hi, at my hospital they recommend every 3 yrs but I ring and ask for appt, no need to go through gp, no reminders sent out. They say ring anytime if any problems but every 3 yrs if all ok

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As reply above.

I rang up when I thought my hearing had deteriorated and they retested and I got an up to date pair of ha which are better ( after four years). That was three years ago.

I had my ears suctioned out yesterday for the first time ( I have perforated drums that never healed, although a weird feeling it didn't hurt. Then a new hearing test and I've asked for the new dome ha, which they say may not work for me because of perforations , but willing to let me try.

Two of my friends have just been to Specsavers ( you have to be referred by your doctor) but they have got ha's from them on the NHS. Good news for people who have a nearer Specsavers than a hospital.

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As an audiologist I would recommend every two years - however if you suspect your hearing is definitely worse, then book in now to get it checked.


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