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I think one of the best thing is for me to quit smoking..... I gave up for two years so on Monday am going to do my best to stop! My dad has just come out from hospital after having a double bypass to my relief....... He's lucky enough to have a lovely partner whom will be looking after him. Seeing this strong determined work whom worked hard all his life with wires laying there totally helpless broke my heart. This possibly could have been avoided if he hadn't log smoked the amount he did when he was younger. The saddest thing is he was told to give up or face the consequences! He did give up over 40 years ago yet I think the damage had been done although saying that he will be 79 in March so imagined if he hadn't of stopped then wouldn't of been so lucky to have him here now. Mind blowing what they can do now....... Thanks to all the great surgeons worth their weight in gold.

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I stopped 10 mths ago. I've never managed more than 2 mth before so I'm hoping this is it ! Bit late as I'm now 60 but better late than never . Hope your dad makes a good recovery

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Thank you & well done,never to late!


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