My granddaughter's hearing loss is worrying me

Hi my granddaughter who is 2 years old has hearing loss in both ears. She was born with it and the only explanation was that her mother had a virus during pregnancy. She attends a clinic who perform the same test on her every time and provide her with hearing aids but other than that she is left. Her speech is not very good she pronounces only vowels of words like her sisters name is Jasmine and she says asine. I am worried that we are not doing enough for her at this critical age.

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Hi, so sorry you are feeling worried about your granddaughter. Have the clinic mentioned makaton , a signing language that is used alongside spoken words? Maybe tell them at her next appt how you feel and ask them to tell you their long term aim for her. Hope you get the answers and results you need


Hi, sorry to hear about your granddaughters deafness.

As a mum to young children, if she was mine, I would be speaking to the health visitors, they are really helpful ( even up to school age!) they would be able to refer to speech and language therapy..... im so surprised she isn't already being seen by them!

But remember at 2 lots of hearing children's speech lacks definition and pronounciation can 'poor' gosh I know 4 year olds who's speech is still tricky to understand!!! So don't expect too much.... but you are right to worry as at this critical time of language acquisition it would be a putty for her to miss out.



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