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Hi All,

I am a 24yr old female. Just some background.. when I was 5/6yrs old I had a perforated ear drum and had an operation to have a new one. Eerything was fine with my ear after the op and hadn't had an infection until March this year. Now for the past 7 months I have been dealing with a constant ear infection. It took me 5 attempts to get the GP to refer me to an ENT. They always gave me ear drops and antibiotics but when using the ear drops I never felt the liquid go further into my ear (when I was younger I used to be able to feel it and taste it). My infection symptoms are; loss of hearing, rotten smelling discharge every night, sometimes in the day too. Constant ache in and around the ear but no pain towards the back of the ear/head. Throughout the day I have sharp pains in the ear too. Head aches, lethargic, I have recently been having nose bleeds when I wake up in the mornings. The inside of my head feels light and airy but overall feels heavy. The ENT took a swab of the discharge and sent me for a CT Scan, I had my results appointment booked for 3 weeks but brought it forward since having nose bleeds. Earliest they could fit me in is 2 weeks time. Does anyone know what this could be? I have googled my symptoms (stupidly) and I am worried of the results.

Thank you.

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Hi, sorry, I can't give any help or advice but hope it all goes well for you. I had a big loss of hearing in 1 ear a few years ago and was sent for an MRI. I spoke to a friend ,a nurse , who promptly told me I had a brain tumour! I didn't, but spent a few weeks really worried. There was no cause for the hearing loss. Hopefully your results will be good too , please let us know

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Thank you for your reply! I am please nothing was too serious for you. I am counting down the days to get my results, i will keep you posted. Thank you. x


Possible Mastoids, more than likely, worry may bring on nose bleeds, sad you had to long for GP appointment, but that's another story, seems like your traveling in the right direction, try not to worry, proper treatments are very good when you see the right person, but it's getting there isn't it, that is so infuriating ... Good Luk


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