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Domestic Abuse Sufferers: Need to Talk?

I just can't get any help

All this about abusive relationship gets me extremely upset. I am in an abusive relationship. I can not get any help. Police Department will not do anything for me!! This is my home and they refuse to remove my abuser. I seriously can't take anymore. The physical, mental, financial and sexual abuse is all to much. I've tried so many shelters, every shelters information I was given by an advocate, through internet searches, and others, I can not get into anyone because I'm told they r all filled every time I call!!! They won't even give me a protective order. My abuser has friends on police department and within the courts and I can't get anything. I'm really ready to throw in the towel. I provide ALL pictures of my body, my home being damaged, my bank accounts being sucked dry. I'm only on disability so I have nothing. Now it's gone to even making me go without hot water, I'm not allowed to eat so I have to hide it bye waiting till she is snoring and ever so carefully tip toe to even grab crackers and get into bathroom. Now it's not even safe for me to go to the bathroom. I have no way to escape!!!

If she wakes and I'm in bathroom she'll kick until the door opens. I feel so alone!!! I feel no one cares and all my friends have magically disappeared from my life. I have no one and nothing. I don't know what kind of pictures are allowed to be posted, I'm new, I havent been able to find anything on what is not allowed to be posted. If someone could let me know where I could read what is allowed and what isn't allowed I would greatly appreciate it. Also, how would I contact an Admin directly.


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Hi there Pain_Relief69


Really sorry to read your post, please read the Community Guidelines on the right hand side of this page under pinned posts. Just to let you know, you cannot post photos of yourself for personal security reasons. If you wish to contact an Admin from this forum, you can contact myself or faceless65 my co moderator. If you wish to contact Heath Unlocked then email healthunlocked.com/


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