Domestic Abuse Sufferers: Need to Talk?

I am autistic and have been severely abused in the past

I have autism and I just wanted to know if its possible to leave the current house im in atm and live with a friend as I am not comfortable living im a house with someone who does/use to severely abuse me with a horse whip and sticks and many other things normally when they were angry they would take it out on me and im sick of it it is damaging my mental health im not stupid I am quite capable I can manage money well I can cook for myself as I went to college for 2 years my mum never wanted me to.go.out with my friends ever and she just wants me by her side at most.times she has threatend in she has said if I ever touch her she will slit my throat from ear to ear anyway there is so.much more I just want some advice please

Something must be possible so I can have my life I mean I would understand if I was major bad but I'm only mildly autistic and i put that down to my mother and father

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sometimes people have somebody who supports them, don't know if you do? my help came through the police but there is lots of information available online. The police referred me to a local refuge where I received out reach support. you obviously have access to the internet so are you able to see the support available in your local area ie refuges?

I don't know if your male or female a couple of links where you could get information


My help comes from my autistic psychologist and she is my mums good friend so I don't want to tell her anything maybe I should contact the police when I have moved in with my friend then go from there what are your thoughts on this good.idea or bad?


you have to do feels right for you. you could go to the local police station and ask their advice before you move or look up advice on the links that I gave you.


Thank you for helping me

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Mildly autism or just a survivor of neglect?


Hey honey I am SO SORRY to hear what you are going through you shouldn't have to go through this but in a way I am glad to find somebody else who is getting abuse from there mum I have been suffering since I was 13 years old if I was with you now I would give you a big hug try reporting her to the police if you have evidence i.e marks, bruises take photos of them I document everything on my phone via a diary of the abuse and my local council know about it as well

I know what its like though being in constant fear I am unsure if you can private message on here but I think we could become good friends and be able to help each other through this and stay strong hun I am not a true believer in god but he loves you and wants you to be safe so dont let ANYTHING hold you back, report it TRUST ME I know its the scariest thing in the world but in the end you will be free they would likely send you to a refuge I have been in 2 and they are so nice the staff are lovely, the ladies and the kids are lovely and so understanding

I hope this helps inbox me if you can

All my love

Jessica xxxxxx