Hi... I just wondered if anyone would be interested in helping me out with this new community?

Please, please, is there anyone who is willing to assist me in the day to day help that is required to make a success of this community? I requested Health Unlocked to think about starting one on the subject of donestic abuse as whenever I needed to talk to someone about the subject, I never could find anyone who could relate or understand about the situation. To my surprise they decided to open it, but now I am not quite sure what to do as its all new to me! I would so like to have a couple of people who are willing to spend a small amount of time in assisting me with this site. If anyone is willing to help, please can you message me back?

Thanks everyone and I hope you've all had a lovely weekend x

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  • Faceless, I can help with keeping this community running. I am new to Health Unlocked but know from being in a closed group on Facebook, the power of being able to support each other. I was involved with a narcissist for 5 years. I experienced verbal, emotional, sexual and physical abuse through the course of the relationship. Let me know what I can do to help!

  • Hi...I am so sorry for not having replied for so many months, but I have not been on the site due to ill health. I really need someone who is willing to spend a few minutes a few days a week if not more to keep an eye on the site and respond to other's mails and to try and help them through any issues with regards to domestic abuse in any way or form. Just a mail to tell them they aren't alone and that we are only somewhere to talk and lean on on so to speak. It would be great if you could help as I cant get on very often now, if you are still interested after the length of time it has taken for me to respond. please feel free to contact me and I'll endeavour to get back to you.

    Thank you



  • Im new on here, but i'm wanting to help other people too, so let me know what i can do to help

  • Hi ickleprincess. First of all welcome to the community and also to Health Unlocked. I unfortunately haven't been on the site myself now for a good while due to ill health. I am looking for someone who is able to keep the community going and to respond to other's mails so they know they aren't alone with regards to their suffering. They obviously need to be aware we aren't a professional body but are just others who are going or have been through what they are going through and understand hos they feel. If there is someone on the other end who replies it will help keep the community going.

    Please leave me a message if you want on here and I'll endeavour to get back to you .

    Thank you



  • It's sounds good and Id love to help as much as I can

  • That sounds great. .Thank you so much. Bear with me whilst I appoint you as an admin assistant. I will try and get on so we can discuss a few things if that's ok? If there is anything you want to ask me, please do so as I feel it would be good for us to get to know each other a little at least if that's ok with you?

    I really appreciate it. Thank you again!

  • I'd also be happy to help in any way I can. :) Sorry to hear about the ill health too~

  • I help when I can but I also have health issues. I pop in on the fibro site several times a day so popping in here to might just help me to.