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Hi. Abuse is a messed up thing. The kind i had was "gaslamping" from a neurotic selfish narcissistic person and it lead to a lot of things in me. Like low self esteem, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and something called BDD and Dysphoria. I have spent my whole life trying to sort it all out and make sense of it. But this form of mental abuse is so low key in how it slowly systematically breaks you down. Building yourself up again is so hard but not impossible. I have done this almost entirely alone, fear of being judged or even humiliation for having to explain this to anyone. Bht finally i am typing it and putting it out there and saying, I wont let that abuse control me or define me anymore!

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Hi LeiL1

Welcome to our Community.

Congratulations on having the guts and spirit to stand up for yourself. So many can't for all sorts of reasons but you have and long may you do so.

Thank you for sharing your story and I hope it has inspired others to take a stand, being bullied causes so much pain mentally and physically, I'm not sure which is worse, all I know is the mental scars stay with you forever!

All the best and do drop in, we'd love to know how you did it! I mean that sincerely.


Hi LeiL1

I fully agree with you, abuse is a messed up thing. It can completely ruin you and your life. like you say, it is very hard to pull build yourself up from it, but never impossible. It takes time and effort, and also a lot of courage. I am pleased that you have decided that you will not allow this abuse to control you any longer. Keep us informed of how you get on?! I hope everything works out well for you and take care! Xx

I wish I knew how to start focusing on myself and get her out of my life!!! I lost me!!!!

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