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Hi this is my first post and I'm not really sure where to turn to for help. I have had two abusive relationships. The first last 7yrs and was emotional abuse the second lasted 10yrs and was emotional and physical. I am happy to say I have been out of the abuse for about 5yrs but I have never really found anyway of dealing with the trauma as I have just buried it. Unfortunately I am in the throws of a period of major depression and anxiety and it has all come flooding back. I feel I need to talk this over with people who have been through this and know how I am feeling. Whilst I am really glad I have found this online support group I was wondering if anyone know of any groups that are face to face as due to my anxiety as strange as it seem when I am talking about personal issues I need to see people's face so I know that they believe me and are not laughing at me or whatever. It's hard to explain but I know what works best for me. I don't know if this is a U.K. Only website or global so incase it is the later I am in the U.K. Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • Hi there.. I am so sorry to hear that things have been so rough for you for quite some time. Domestic abuse, whether it be physical or mental, is a terrible crime, and no one should ever really have to go through it. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, we do suffer from this and like you say, there are very few places to go to talk about what you've been going through.

    The reason I started this forum was because, like yourself, I needed to know there were others out there who understood what it was like to be dealing with domestic abuse. If you need to just vent and talk, feel free to do so here. There are a lot of us all going through the same situations.

    I am hoping to get up some more information as to where you may be able to seek some counselling, and hopefully many other helpful details.

    Unfortunately, suffering from DA is a trigger for depression and anxiety and sometimes just knowing there is someone out there who you can converse with about what you are going through can make a massive difference.

    I certainly understand what you mean about wanting to have a face to face meeting, and we will do our best to help you find a solution.

    We are from the UK, so look out for further details in due course. We will do our best to give you some information as soon as possible.

    Take care and remember, you are not alone.



  • Thank you Tracy. I am waiting to see a talking therapies therapist on 1st June for cbt to help with my anxiety. So I will also pick her brains to see if there are any face to face groups available. If there is I will pass on the information in here also. I know there's the domestic abuse hotline and women's refuges but to me that's more for people who are still i a DV relationship not for those already out. It maybe that you have to contact them to get the information but I don't like making phone calls and i would feel stupid because of the amount of time I have been out of the situation. Anyway I see from previous post you have had health problems I hope they have or are improving and thank you for your reply.


  • Good luck with the therapy Kelly and please update us on how it went. If you manage to get any info from your therapist that you think might be helpful, it would be great, like you said, for you to post it on here as it may hopefully help others in the same situation.

    Yes I think most refuges are for women seeking help to get away from the property with no where else to go, and somewhere where it will be a safe haven for them. We will be adding some of the contact details for these places on this site as soon as possible, as it may be of assistance to others. Even if you are out of the 'situation' so to speak, never feel stupid to call these helplines. Even if they can't help you themselves directly, they will have contact details, I'm sure, of other places that can help, depending on what help is required. The 'contacts' from all the various helplines are there to help you and will never judge anyone, so don't be afraid to be in contact.

    As for my health problems, I still suffer, but I'm trying my best to not let it get me down too much, although that's easier said than done! Thank you though for asking 😊

    Take care Kelly and keep us updated. Xx

  • Hi there Battling

    A very warm welcome to our Community.

    I'm so sorry you're suffering the consequences of your past abuse, this is a form of PTSD and I can understand you wanting to speak with someone face to face.

    There's a link to Woman's Trust on the right hand side of the page under pinned posts who offer counselling.

    Please do take care and keep in touch.


  • Thank you for sharing that link with me unfortunately as I don't live in London I am unable to access that. I live in Berkshire and am looking for something similar but as of yet have not found anything.


  • Hi Battling

    Try Berkshire Counselling and Psychotherapy for DV link here:



  • Thank you Chloe I will.


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