Domestic Abuse Sufferers: Need to Talk?

Can anybody help

Hi I am new here 3.53 in morning my little dog woke me up crying and trying to get into bed yesterday my son who is over 6ft tall and 46 threatens to crack my skull open slammed a door on my arm and had me up against a wall threatening me this has gone on for 3 years since I said he could move in with me after he had his has reposed my council were going to put him on tenancy but then said no so he blames me for everything says he has nothing now I also lost his dad suddenly to Leukemia 3 years ago he also was violent throughout our 44 years and. Drinker my son has had mental health health problems from birth so always made allowances for him for 3 years been trying to get council to change mind but no but have now agreed after solicitors etc said he can inherit tenancy when I pass away

But son not happy still yesterday's episode was because his friend the only one he has said I had told her he went to doctors cause depressed and needed pills she had phoned me and she SHE said all this she had always used my son for money drinks etc

Told me to get out house tomorrow

Nowhere to go I am 68 have PSC. Ship problem and spine diverticulitis. Hiatus bhernia and after a bad fall. 2 blood clots in leg so in lots of pain

Feel so guilty said he could come here

And could have tenancy now he can't

I hear him crying some nights says he isn't ill but if I say wrong thing he will shout and threaten me can't eat just take pills me and my dog just stay in bedroom all time even take bucket in bedroom now so don't keep having go bathroom in case see him ( also have incontinence ) don't know why I am writing this on here I know nobody can help on here I have no friends my husband never lowed me to I am also £68,000 in debt

Is there any point anymore it's just one battle every day

Please if there is anyone out there can help or advise me just can't live like this anymore can't tell him to move out as I said he could come him and I think if I did he would really hurt me he has already done quite a lot of damage so far so sorry if anybody reads this as such a long post little dog now laying next to me looking at me don't know what I would do without him thank you to anyone that replys try to find a mental site on here but couldn't

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I just saw your post. I am so very sorry that you have posted this 16 days ago with no reply. I have lived with abuse in my family... brothers and ex-husband. I wish I knew your geographic location and could find a local advocate to help.

I have really been through it. There is help. Your son makes it uncomfortable for you so you don't have people who can help and he can keep getting his way. No matter what horrible things he says, you DO NOT DESERVE THIS.

You deserve to be safe in your home you deserve to have peace in your home. I apologize if what I'm saying next sounds like an advertisement

I am in the US. Here, he can be removed fairly quick. A domestic violence counselor will know local regulations and not only should be able to help you have your home back, but can also help with ways to stay safer with him there and also help find yourself again.

If you are afraid for your safety, call police 999

There is service in the U.K. 24 hours at 0808 2000 247

They are online at nationaldomesticviolencehel...

PLEASE, do not let him know you are thinking of reaching out for help. He will likely increase pressure and possibly become violent.

I hope you let me know how it goes


I just saw your post. I see you only got one reply and I'm so sorry. I hope you found help. I saw your dog was also upset about the abuse. If you're not thinking about yourself, it may help for you to know violent people also retaliate against pets, too. It is a good way to get back at you. I hate to burden you even more, but I sense you care very much for your dog. I would hate for that to be on your conscience, should he attack the dog. He may be mentally ill, but that's no excuse for him to abuse you. I'm so sorry for you. There should be local help, and I hope you found it. I'm going to think about your post until I hear from you, if ever...


I am reading you and I am so sorry for your pain and distress. Can you just leave with your little dog and the clothes on your back and go quietly to a shelter? You really need to leave dear. Next he will kill your little dog right in front of you to teach YOU a lesson....Call a friend or policeman to just come get you and your dig and NEVER LOOK BACK....Your job there is brave,GOD LOVES YOU


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