Domestic Abuse Sufferers: Need to Talk?

Don't know anymore

I am new and sorry I don't mean to make anyone's day worse. I am almost out of hope. I am a domestic abuse sufferer from partners and my biological family. I am a adult child of alcoholics (abuse, toxicity, enmeshed, neglect, etc). I have a masters, am a certified grant writer, had a wonderful career life going, and was a single mother at the same time. Raising my daughter by breaking all those negative chains thinking that would help her tremendously, but nope.

I need to get away from these above abusers fast and now, before I am too sick.

If anyone knows of a place to go heal or even an interim place, please let me know.

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What region are you located? There are many domestic violence agencies with safe houses around the world. Please reach out to someone who specializes in DV. Even if you decide not to go to a safe house, there are many services available. They are free in the US. You do not deserve to be abused. You deserve fulfilling, healthy relationships in your life!