Domestic Abuse Sufferers: Need to Talk?

No one will help me

I fled domestic violence 2yrs ago. I was moved away bcoz he came looking for me. But what's effecting me the most now is I have never seen a professional and spoke about what went on and how I feel.

I have just split with a partner, he never got my severe mental health problems. I was told to snap out of it. But it all boils down to the domestic violence. How can I change who I am if no professional is willing to help me?  I have O.D 5 times in my 36 yrs of life, I want to change how I act, what I think, what I feel, just ends at what I went through when going through domestic violence. How can I move on from being strangled, and made to stand there naked with him finding fault with my body. I'm big. But who is perfect? I wasn't aloud to sleep no more than 3 hrs each night, or I would wake with a punch in the face. Who can I turn to for help apart from u guys? 

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Stop looking for men to fix are a strong,beautiful woman no matter your size..I too am a full-figure woman....please see your worth and keep looking for a Counselor to open up deserve to be helped


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