Domestic Abuse Sufferers: Need to Talk?

Hi there's hope

I am new here I was in an emotionally physically abusive relationship I've recently got out of it because my kids father went to prison feeling lost with no hope I cried I was told I was crazy keeping my helpless attitude not knowing of the good things god has in store for me as well as sources to help me cope its been 11 months as I feel more at peace I looked into domestic violence classes I strongly encourage them praying to god as well as these websites my stress level is way to high or just trying to find myself again you all are not alone as know I know I am not either this is something you can overcome never loose hope !

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Glad to hear the classes helped. Were they like support groups? I'm not aware of the support available.

I had an abusive relationship and my psychiatrist just said I should have punched him... :/

Here is to hope! :) *sends positive vibes*


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