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Moment to behold

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Sunny Ireland August 2022

Outside is sunny and hot. 30 degrees centigrades...outstanding in this wet land where my bones sometimes feel mouldy...and i got up for second day free of pain.

Its the sun still shinning. The lake in my village is buzzing. It looks like a resort in the Mediterranean. kiddies with their rubber ducks, umbrellas, family bbqs, all searching the blessed water, the giving water thats makes this island green, magical and mythical with its faeries and heroic stories that so inspired Yeats...

At least the pain that was there last few months is gone for now. I danced to drums for an hour and im still standing. So now i lie in the garden contemplating the fennel and the rocket and the comfrey the sage and the apple trees and all the patches that i neglected because of pain...and still the land gives its perennial gifts, that like this moment, are a resource, a moment to behold and to embrace...a nurturing instant from the great mother.

And i wanted to share this deep peace with all of you, my heroic and mythical parky friends, all over the little planet we call home. To let you know how close to my heart you all are, untiring researchers fatigued, limping,insomniacs bent sometimes like Pisa towers leaning on each other sharing resources, knowledge, humour becoming arcs of triumph as we support each other.

I listen to choirs for peace wile i receive this gentle gift...the birds are singing, my cat is purring at my feet and the crows are cawing...and i send you all a hug and a smile and wish you all well peaceful and happy. 🙏Chelo

29 Replies
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namaste' hekatemoon

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HekateMoon in reply to beehive23

Namaste my dear Beehive!Running to get citronella as magic has been disrupted by mitges!😂😂😂

Seamus6 profile image

My dad was from Cork, I don't think he saw the sun in his first five years!

Lap it up, whilst it lasts 👍

HekateMoon profile image
HekateMoon in reply to Seamus6

Lol Seamus,.. 5 years is lots!!!We have some sunshine...what is rare is sunshine and heat. Normally is sunshine and cold,sunshine and gaelforce, sunshine and cloud...or any other strange combo...

Smittybear7 profile image

Thanks for the positive message! Hope you have a great day

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HekateMoon in reply to Smittybear7

Quite late now...happy peaceful dreams smittybear...

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Lovely post

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"Dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening; live like it's heaven on earth." -Mark Twain

Lovely post HekateMoon. It’s pure sunshine

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Blessings to you in Ireland, I always think of it as green, lush and wet. How lovely the effect of the heat wave has had on you and your health, and your village! Enjoy it while you can 😎

jeeves19 profile image

You know how to write. Bravo 👏

Wonky-Bride profile image

A beautiful elegy Hekate

Barbara124 profile image

Beautiful. You sound so content

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You have me in tears you wonderful woman 🥰

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HekateMoon in reply to JeanieBeanie


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JeanieBeanie in reply to HekateMoon

I love your Frida Kahlo. Lampshade I made. 2 actually.

Just getting dark.
Kingsdaughter1 profile image

Thank you for sharing. How uplifting it was to sense your feelings of joy,’peace & gratefulness .

BootsOn profile image

Beautiful, Hekate. Sounds far nicer than sweltering Kent! All the best to you :)

laglag profile image

Beautiful. You brightened my day. 😎 🌞

HekateMoon profile image
HekateMoon in reply to laglag


Shorebird profile image

Thank you for those beautiful and inspiring words. We want to make a trip to your Emerald Isle - from our Emerald Isle (in North Carolina- US) hopefully next year!

HekateMoon profile image
HekateMoon in reply to Shorebird

You will be welcome!

WinnieThePoo profile image

Brilliant. A beautiful country to enjoy in beautiful weather. Enjoy a glass. Slainte

HekateMoon profile image

😂Youre right Winniethepoo....soon enough ill be complaining about the rain...but for soaking on sunshine. Slaínte

rebtar profile image

Enjoy....and thank you for reminding us the importance of taking in the beauty of simple things.

Despe profile image

How poetic and heart felt description of beautiful Ireland. I am sending you a transatlantic hug and my appreciation!

Rachelgardiner profile image

Thank you for sharing this beautiful, peaceful day with us. <3

blogger_7 profile image

I am grateful for you and your sharing of a reminder that there are good days in our lives. You expressed it so eloquently , I almost could feel what you were feeling; gratitude for the warmth, freedom from pin, and the beauty of the earth, water and sky, plants and animals, families and children. Blessings to you.

Biensur profile image

Seems there’s another poet in that part of the world! Lovely. You put us right there with you. 🤗

HekateMoon profile image

Thank you! Glad it transported you to that special moment. Ill ask the weather faeries to make it happen more often! 😂 Pling pling! they say,"no hope, girl, its Ireland, were getting the buckets ready..."💦Keep well!

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