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Oral Health Disorders in Parkinson’s Disease: More than Meets the Eye

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“As far as the fields of dentistry and neurology are concerned, they should be especially close [ . . . ] I am convinced that every neurologist should know more dentistry, and that the average dentist would profit in many ways if he had more information about neurology.”

Roland P. Mackay (1937)


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I think there's a definite link between poor oral health and Parkinson’s Disease. I just don't know which comes first and/or which causes which.

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park_bear in reply to jimcaster

In my case PD -> low saliva-> increased decay

Thank you so much. Am reading this study and sent it to my PD husband.

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ForViolet in reply to ForViolet

Reading this article, not study... It's very interesting. My husband has been unusually uninterested in his dental health for the past year. It makes sense now... TYVM

I once developed a lower back molar pain typical of PD for which I found the explanation (static at Stomach Channel 6) only in Dr Hadlock's book (Chapter VIII). Amazingly, dentists across the world still can find no reason for it and stand open-mouth.