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What happened to John Pepper?


His account is gone.

Curious if he got booted or left on his own?

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Looks like he is still here:


Wondering if there was a glitch in the website because someone thought Silvestrov was gone too.

Levod in reply to park_bear

Interesting. The member search doesn't find him when you search on "Pepper"...


It seems like he hasn't posted anything in 2 weeks... I hope he is well...

park_bear in reply to Levod

I did not try the site search because in the past I have observed it does not work very well. I used Google to search the site thusly:


I hope he is well.

When searching for John Pepper, you have to enter his name as one word otherwise you come up with a bunch of Peppers, none of which are John Pepper. When you search for him as one word, he is the only result that comes up :


Last reply was 15 days ago as of 04/05/2021.


The last time I looked I am still here. I receive at least 3 HU emails a day and respond where necessary.

I have not received any attacks for some time, which has been quite pleasant.

Maybe My latest book titled, "The Parkinson's Conflict" has upset somebody in higher places?

Other than for other medical problems, common to males of my age, I am still well and ticking over nicely.

Thanks for the interest!

Nice to see u still here John

Thanks for the kind words.

We all need some love in these tough times x

Now you are talking. Love goes a long, long way and achieves so much.

MarionP in reply to JohnPepper

No attacks in several days? My God man, what will you do?

JohnPepper in reply to MarionP

I'll go out on the town and spend all the money, that isn't pouring in, on a nice meal and some good company. Don't we all feel like that these days?

Jmwg45 in reply to JohnPepper

People were worried you had walked away. Fast, obviously!

JohnPepper in reply to Jmwg45

I don't know about doing anything at present either slow or fast. Have had health problems, which are slowly but surely getting better.

Levod in reply to JohnPepper

Happy to hear you are well!

JohnPepper in reply to Levod

Thanks Mate!

Hi John,

Glad to hear you are well and still active on HU.

I recently sent you an email to the @telkomsa email address you posted and when this was knocked back I sent a private message via HU as I was looking for your fast walking info please.

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

Please give me your email address and I will send kit all to you.

Please give me your email address and I will send you everything.

Thanks for the reply John. I have sent my email address to you using the private chat function. I look forward to receiving the information in due course.

I have responded to all the people in the private chat function. You should have it already!

Hi John,

I have checked my chat and also email including the junk mail box but sadly nothing. If you are able to resend the information the next time you are logged in that would be much appreciated . My email has been sent to you in the chat section. Thanking you in advance.

My sincere apologies. I am unable to access that chat section. PLease let me have your email again and I will send it off today.

Lizzy9 in reply to JohnPepper

Hi John ~ I’m so glad that you are still around!!

JohnPepper in reply to Lizzy9

Thanks Lizzy. I'm doing my best!

PDFree in reply to JohnPepper

Happy you are still here!! I’d like to learn about your fast walking and what you did to get off of your medication. Thank you!

JohnPepper in reply to PDFree

Please give me your email addrss and I will send everything to you

JohnPepper in reply to PDFree

Send me your email and I will send you everything.

Lizzy9 in reply to JohnPepper

Hi John ~ Is your whole protocol in your book?

Thank you

JohnPepper in reply to Lizzy9

Yes! I constantly keep it up to date with emails from Pd patients who have achieved unbelievable results.

NorskPike in reply to JohnPepper

So good to read that you are doing well. You are a role model for many!Stay well! Ragni

JohnPepper in reply to NorskPike

Thanks Ragni. Every bit of encouragement helps.


Those who are upset can stay that way. Thanks for your valuable input. It may work for some and may be not for a few, just like a drug, but without any side effects, unlike the drugs. Your intent to help is appreciated.

Take care and be happy and healthy.

John Morris.

Thanks John!Have I not been able to help you? Have you tried the walking? If you would like to talk to me about your Pd I would be most willing to listen! You can email me at johbpepper@telkomsa.net.

Glad to hear from you at age 86, John. 😂👌👍


JohnPepper in reply to pdpatient

Thanks! I hope to be around a lot longer, if only the old man will stop thowing things at me!

I'm back at my hour of fast walking after a bitter cold, snowy, icy winter here in Indiana. I know you aren't on Facebook, but you have a devoted fan club over in Facebook land. Love and hugs.....

Thanks GrandmaBug. I admire your spirit!

We have a mutual admiration society going on❤️

As the movie character said "Don't let the OLD man in!"


I thought John Pepper and PDconscience patched up their differences, became best friends and are now roommates.

Hardly! I wish that had been the case.

If we wait 30 to 40 years, he may soften up.

I don't think of myself as being hard! In what way am I hard?

If you knew how many people around the world have written to me and have told me how much I have helped them, either in person or via my book. My latest book has got several of those emails sent to me by very pleased Pd patients.

Why would I stop doing what I do when I know I am helping a large number of people? Is that being hard?

I was referring to "he" (PD conscious,) not you.

Basilico in reply to JohnPepper

I'm very happy to hear from you, please you remember to have your latest book translated in Italian. Ciao.

JohnPepper in reply to Basilico

Thanks Basilico. My book is already available in Italian on Amazon.

Basilico in reply to JohnPepper

Thank you, but on Amazon.it there is only the previous book, the new one is not on sale yet. Ciao.

(amazon.it/Regredire-malatti... C3% 91 & dchild = 1 & keywords = john + Pepper + Parkinson% 27s & qid = 1617914017 & sr = 8-6)

JohnPepper in reply to Basilico

There has only been one book translated into itallian. My latest book in English only has a few more letters from patients doing well. The rest is mainly the same but things have been moved around to make the book easier to read,

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