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Solgar B1 HCL 500 mg disappeared from Amazon.

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I looked on internet and they are gone. Even on the Solgar site they are gone. There is anything equivalent?

Thank you.

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Smaller and easier to swallow than Solgar tablets. A bit less pricey than- Solgar 500 mg tablets and free shipping. With Solgar 500 mg tablets being unavailable, Vitacost may need to increase their stock.


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here you go.

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You can't buy it Marc. It says unavailable. I found it on only one place for 40usd (instead of 14) plus shipping of 14$. That looked like a scam site.

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Big Pharma must have hacked into your account.

I just went onto Amazon and was able to put it in my cart and could've proceeded to check out, but I already have a supply of B-1.

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Whoops. That was a 100 mg bottle which I could have bought. I see they say the 500 mg is unavailable.

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Vitacost. Com 500mg capsules

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Amazon also has Dr. Clark Store brand 500 mg. thiamine hcl. I've purchased it a few times. It's good, but more expensive.

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Another vote for Vitacost. Another bonus is they have sales, so you can save some $$.

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Found it on Naturitas and bought 3 bottles of the Solgar 500 mg B1 hcl. I didn’t realize that it was not shipped from the US until I saw an international surcharge debit on my account. It’s in transit; we will see how long it takes to arrive. As a backup I purchased B1 hcl in bulk powder form from Amazon. 1/16 teaspoon equals 100 grams.

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Ooopps sorry mg!!!!

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I have ordered Solgar thiamine from a Solgar’s official sale rep in the UK. They sent me half of my order and said they will send the remaining once they got in their stock again. I have also ordered few bottles from Vitacost and waiting for delivery. I have never used Vitacost Thiamine before and am quite happy with Solgar for the past 3.5 years.

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Solgar B1 Hcl is back in stock as of May on Amazon. When they informed me that it wasn’t available I found a company in Spain, Naturitas, that has it and ordered three jars. Took about three weeks to arrive. I also ordered it in bulk powder as a backup.

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I think this has gotten even worse over the last few months. Vitacost is out now too.I started a new post to keep the focus on this shortage. I just ordered some bulk, which does seem to be readily available here in the US.

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ion_ion in reply to JAS9

You are right. Vitacost is out of stock, too.

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