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An update on research involving injections of blood plasma (from young healthy people) into people with Parkinson's disease


Simon has recently done a substantial SoPD blog post on this (and related) research:

From Simon's SoPD blog post, here is my understanding of the current state-of-play regarding "young plasma for PD".

The "young plasma for PD" trial that NanCyclist took part in (NCT02968433), conducted at the Stanford Movement Disorders Clinic, is now coming to an end.

Independently of this, researchers (from Stanford University and Alkahest) who conducted the earlier "young plasma for AD" trial (NCT02256306), have "distilled" young plasma into an injectable "drug" (GRF6021) that is now being tested in a Phase 2 trial involving 90 volunteers with either PD or PD with mild cognitive impairment (NCT03713957).

An earlier version of the drug (GRF6019), consisting of about 400 proteins, is currently being tested on volunteers with either mild-to-moderate (NCT03520998 ) or severe (NCT03765762) Alzheimer's disease.

For anyone who might be interested, the new PD trial is currently recruiting PwPs.

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I asked to be in the trial as soon as I saw your post. Many thanks.

jeffreyn in reply to NanCyclist

Hi Nan,

It's great to hear from you.

It would be interesting to find out how (or even if) the learnings from the trial that you took part in will be incorporated into the successor(s) of GRF6021.

If you get the chance, could you ask them a question or two about this?