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New PD Diagnosis

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Hi I am a 64 year old male and I have only been diagnosed with pd recently so my symptoms are not too bad. Just some stiffness on tbe left hand side and a few other minor issue's. I am trying to keep it at bay with exercise both physical and mental. I play competition squash twice a week walk for half an hour every day and have started riding my pushbike 10km a day.

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10 km daily biking! it takes 30 minutes average. On the top of that walk and squash is too much

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It may be too much for some. But if one is used to and/or comfortable with their workout routine I say go for it while you can.... Just be sure to listen to your body.


Welcome. Where in Aus do you live? I’m in Perth.

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Hi I live in Muswellbrook in the Hunter Valley about 2 hours from Sydney.

Hi Reg,

I would advise staying away from patent pills, alternatively use MUCUNA PRURIENS a natural levadopa.

Don’t overdo it on the aerobic exercise as that stresses your body. That’s why marathon runners and extreme athletes often get PD. Combine with hand exercises, LVST, qigong or yoga for stress relief and flexibility and strength.

Welcome! Probably PD is an ailment nobody would like to be diagnosed with. With your minor symptoms, it sounds like you are lucky, in that you know probably what has been going on with your symptoms now. I sincerely hope that you continue to have minor symptoms, that are not to troublesome, and that you can live with. With me, I went through 8 long years, having no idea why I was having so many symptoms, or what they meant. We lived in a small town, with no specialists, a long way away from a city with a major medical center, so my family doctor never either figured out what was wrong, or didn't want to tell me. Anyway, my daughter moved us to the city, she was so upset, and I saw an internist, who told me, in his opinion, it was PD, and I was referred to a neurologist, who confirmed it. So, if you have more problems, you'll be in good hands. There is a lot neurologists can do to help with PD symptoms, so that's the good news. I am much improved,thanks to medicines prescribed by the neurologist, and my taking an active role in exercise and diet, to help myself. This forum should be most beneficial, should you need information and support, concerning living with PD.


What the medical community has named Parkinson's disease is simply one of the many subcategories of old age. Just remember, the older you get and you try to do something that has always come relatively easy for you, it will hurt more and it will take longer to do. But keep doing it. If you can still do it today, you should still be able to do it tomorrow, just take your time. Hurrying main cause of falls and injuries.

Even if it never happens, keep trying to find out why God gave you the gift of PD.

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