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Whilst I am still symptomatic on several areas I am pleased to announce that my handwriting is now fully restored to normal. Whether it’s exercise, mannitol or B1 is hard to tell but I suspect the latter which I have been taking for a year now. Debating whether to thank God or Doctor C, but I’ll thank them both anyway.

PS: interesting how one particular symptom had been reformed but others less so. How could this be explained?

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thanks for sharing

Sometimes handwriting gets improved for limited time (my own experience ) and then deteriorate. Hope this not the case with you and this is permanent. BTW what is your dosage of thiamine

jimcaster in reply to Farooqji

I have had the same experience. Sometimes (like yesterday), my handwriting is totally normal. Other days, it's almost illegible, but in general I'd say it is slightly better. I have been taking thiamine and several other supplements since May.

I am very happy for you Jeeves 😀

3g daily. Yeah, I know what you’re saying re. Relapsing but it’s been like this for about a week now so watch this space. And this is the best it’s been for 3 years. Interesting.

Farooqji in reply to jeeves19

That's very encouraging. Hope this continues. I suggest to give a try to ibogaine as well

hanifag in reply to Farooqji

where is the source to order from

Farooqji in reply to hanifag

I have sent it in message


That's awesome, jeeves! You know, if it turns out to be HDT, that means you are responsive to it and that means the possibility of reduced or no progression is on the table now! Yeah, awesome!


That's great news and encouragement for us all. Keep us posted!

You will see I have a similar question coming up on my poo thread. Its related to my question why does one problem (dopamine loss) manifest in so many different ways on different days. Glad to hear of the improvement. I have a large knot in my hanky to investigate B1 - as well as exercise and plasticity

Sadly Winnie I think the brain is a somewhat unfathomable entity. Easy to accept when one considers that it’s the most sophisticated object in the known universe!

Hidden in reply to jeeves19

jeeves, you can always stop the HDT to verify if it is the cause, because if it works, it will work again for you. That may pinpoint it as the cause or not and then you don't have to wonder. It could take months to lose the benefit though because you have been on it almost long enough to qualify for one of those HDT vacation/holiday periods that Dr. C has discussed.....not quite, but almost.


Thanks Art. I shall consider my options!

Amazing news, mate!

Just hope it isn’t a blip!

i think its an UNSLIP! The PD is the slip

Great news jeeves19

Congratulations! Poor handwriting is the only symptom which really bothers me. Our regimens are fairly similar, although I have only been on B1 since May.

jeeves19 in reply to jimcaster

Thanks Jim. Stay strong and keep fighting this disease.

Despe in reply to jeeves19

How long have you been on B1 protocol? My husband started in June of this year, his handwriting bounces back and forth from perfect, big and legible to smaller and somewhat illegible. Has been on 3-4 B1 breaks trying to adjust his dose, always under Dr. C.s' guidance. He is on B1 break again until 29 November per Dr. C's instructions.

Anyway you look at it, it is SUCCESS for you and my husband.

Well done. I think with Mannitol , B1 and exercise Parkinson's may not even be progressive. Your variant is particularly stubborn so I think that should give hope to many.

Have you had reduced stress too? My hubby’s writing is entirely dependant on his state of mind. It can be normal, then he starts beating himself up over something, becomes anxious and suicidal and the handwriting looks like spider writing.this happens in a regular cycle every month, then the next day he seems too bounce back. Begininnning to wonder if men have cycles too.

Niggs in reply to LAJ12345

'All' my symptoms are mood/stress dependent. When chilled I'm say 80% normal, unfortunately, I'm almost permanently in flight or fight mode.

munchybunch in reply to Niggs

That’s so interesting. My husband says the same

jeeves19 in reply to LAJ12345

I think I’d agree to an extent but maybe even healthy people’s wrriting suffers when under duress ?

LAJ12345 in reply to jeeves19

Yes, I agree. I remember writing an exam and I was so nervous my writing was very shakeynand hard to read and that was when I was 20.

"Nice one Centurian!"

jeeves19 in reply to Niggs

‘Found a spoon sir’


Always encouraging to hear of these successes. Thanks for sharing!

Here’s a brain puzzle. After 12 years of PD and increasingly failing all the neuro tests like drawing shapes and clock faces, etc., one day I saw my husband who by this time was quite deteriorated by the ravages if PD and heart problems, sitting at the table drawing something over and over....he NEVER drew anything in his life. I was in the kitchen nearby and couldn’t exactly see what he was doodling so I asked him what he was doing. As if I were a dimwit, he replied, “A perfect circle, of course!”

And so he was....over and over, totally freehand. I am an artist and couldn’t do what he was doing. It was so funny, I took a picture of him doing it....I wish I could post it for you all. Theres always hope!

Farooqji in reply to Donzim

Is he still doing well with the handwriting

Donzim in reply to Farooqji

Not really....he passed away from heart failure two years ago but I keep up with this site because we had such extraordinary experiences. Check out the story of Jay Alberts at the Cleveland Clinic taking his PD friend on a tandem bike trip. We jerry rigged a bike to do the same. Efficacious. Theracycle doesn’t do it. It must be “forced exercise”....a relatively new therapy.

It is interesting how large muscle exercise can help fine motor control. I have read about this in the past. Good work!

Jeeves -

Late to your news but great to read this.

Did you have any other problem with dexterity — typing on a keyboard, for instance - that improved along with your handwriting? That one-two punch - micrographia and typographia - too often turns writing into a test of endurance for me. (It’s why I’ve been pokey about posting/replying here.)

Also, was your handwriting the first symptom relief you’ve seen in the yr of taking the HCLB1?


Motal. I’m a reasonably mild case in the first place but am unsure if this would have been the case had I not exercised, fasted, mannitoled and. B1’ed etc. So my first result was staying put without further progression I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I still have times when both writing and typing can suffer (alcohol, stress etc) but generally there’s been a trend towards improvement in both.

Hi Jeeves ,

Are you still enjoying improved handwriting

Generally yes although I have the odd downturn it usually comes back good.

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