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Balance issues

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I have only ever taken Sinemet plus (25x100) four times daily for my PD, it is not helping my worsening balance problem, has any pwp found a medication that can help me, I am 79 and fed up withfalling over. just got through 100 tablets of thiamine in desperation, unfortunately it did not help in any way. but I am very pleased for those it did. kind regards to you all


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Higher doses C/L and thiamine hcl

Thiamine takes 3-4 months to have effect.

I think you could discuss with your neurologist an increase of dose. You may not be seeing an effect now because your present dose is insufficient to cross the "on"/"off" threshold. Do you take your pills at a different time from eating?


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Ramondo in reply to johntPM

I always take my Sinemet an hour before food, I have tried doubling my tablets but then I am sick instantly. thanks for your advice.

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grower in reply to Ramondo

If you live somewhere other than the States you can usually get a prescription for domperidone, I take it with my c/l for the morning dose and it deals with the nausea completely. Also, if you ramped up straight from 1 to two pills that would be hard, I took several weeks to gradually increase my dose.

I take Sinemet-similar dosage, and it has never helped me with my balance issues. It helps with tremor and muscle stiffness, and I can walk better, but I have not found anything that has helped me much with balance. I've tried exercises, that help a bit. Of course, not only have I been diagnosed with PD, but also Ataxia.

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Ramondo in reply to ddmagee1

Thank you, I also have Periphial neuropathy which gives me weak legs,

Life can be a bitch sometimes.

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ddmagee1 in reply to Ramondo

Ramondo, I also have peripheral neuropathy in all 4 limbs, that just slowly gets worse, year by year. That certainly does not help with balance issues.

I take Sinemet but think it is exercise with a PT that is helping with my balance. I still wobble but like a Weeble rarely fall over.

Thanks Jean.

Unfortunately, research indicates that balance problems aren't helped by Sinemet. I agree with Jeansm that this is an issue for PT. Work on exercise that strengthens your core muscles to improve balance.

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Ramondo in reply to Raphaekg

I think my age may be against me building any muscle. Lol

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Raphaekg in reply to Ramondo

Ramondo, you can ALWAYS build muscle compared to the amount of muscle you have without exercise. Sure, you might not get a 'six pack' but strengthening your abdominal muscles and other core muscles compared to where you are without exercise will definitely help balance.

Vit D made a huge difference to my balance

What dosage of vit D do you take M-o-ggy ,will try that one.

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