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What is on your 100 Year Calendar?

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Easilly wrote, it seemed from his observation of the comments, those who try alternatives in addition to or replacing the mainstream meds, seem to have some more good days than those who don't try any alternatives. For me that is true. I have more good days by trying alternatives. In fact, I have been thinking about my experience that I have created a new phrase that I now use more often. It is..., (YOU CAN LEAVE THE VOLUME UP BECAUSE IT IS FOR ANYONE TO HEAR.)


Placebo or no Placebo who cares? From my view, I always wonder if those who want to discredit a treatment without trying it, aren't, instead, throwing out roadblocks that they can point to, and hide their fear of trying something new.

I am guessing many of the B-1ers have tried at least 5 other alternatives. Each time you might have been rewarded with at least one good day more than you would have had without trying. Placebo? Who gives a... er let me say, who cares? Can I repeat my motto for you? ONE GOOD DAY IS BETTER THAN ONE BAD DAY.

If one wants to examine this a little deeper, I will bet that, generally, the people who try the new alternatives are the same people who create opportunities for the rest of their life. They are the problem solvers of the world. They create businesses, invent things and are comfortable being uncomfortable. I call these people the problem solvers. They do have one huge problem for society to deal with, they don't like to follow the rules. It is amazing, though, how many will follow the lead of a problem solver going places they would never go alone.

Problem solvers of this community we must unite. There are those who like someone else to be in the lead. If not for us they would miss this life-changing opportunity. They need us.

Just think about this for a moment. We are, possibly, at the crossroads of life. What we do here today will have a positive effect on this world 100 years from now. Let's face it. What other events are you putting on your 100-year calendar. If you tell me that you won't be alive in 100 years, so what is the point? I would answer, "Don't be ridiculous, this is not about you, it is about, what can you leave behind that is so significant that 100 years from now, someone, somewhere who doesn't even know your name has a better life because of something you did today. I believe the B-1 treatment program qualifies as one of those causes. What a great time to have this disease and help change many lives, for the good, over the next 100 years.

I apologize to those who think I have lost my mind and to those that, at this time in your life, this subject is too much to think about.

If I become silent, in this community, it might mean that I answered the knock on the door. The people rushed in and wanted me to put a silly looking robe on that had the arm sleeves permanently sowed to the back.

Think about what I said. I trust it will energize you.


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I am a problem solver. I am hugely involved with clinical research- sometimes as a participant and, more frequently, as a PPI Co-applicant. I work in the fields of neurodegenerative diseae and cancer. I also sit here n the Management Group for the UK Brainbank Network hosted by the Medical Research Council. Oh, and I do not take supplements for unknown deficiencies.

If you want be stimulated about dopamine, listen to this TED Talk,from Lieberman. Perhaps we should stimulate endogenous with new ideas as we blend into the present.


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Fascinating video! Thanks for sharing.

For years after 1982, two physicians from Australia, Robin Warren and Barry Marshall, were denigrated for announcing that many cases of ulcers were caused by Helicobacter pylori. Safe posturing is not always proven correct.

The gods laugh in their sleeve, whom to acknowledge, what to believe

Thank you! Both energizing and inspiring.


I certainly admire the work you do and the knowledge you must have however I’m a bit confused. Do you mean you have PD and participate in clinical trials? what is PPI? As far as supplements I often think of the parents that used charlottes web CBD oil for their children with seizures , for some of those children And their families it was life-changing. Many of those families went before Congress here in the US and laws are being changed now in many states that will benefit many with neurological issues. I’m grateful to those courageous moms and dads who would not sit by and continue to watch their child decline. Many parents could have even been arrested. When you’re given a diagnosis of PD and your neurologist offers no hope and you’re 52 and you’re youngest is 9 and you want to be an active mom to your sweet little girl and 6 other children what options do you have? I’m so grateful for the knowledgeable men and women on here who you begin to think of as family! I’ve learned more from them than from 4 neurologists! Don’t misunderstand I’m not against medicine. I take Sinemet but the advice on here regarding Exercise , diet, and supplements has not only helped me feel better but has given me what my doctors did not HOPE!! HU=HOPE UNITED

Great commentary, Don!...from Glen aka Ole Hoss

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