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Treatments - Best and worst

What are the best things about your current medication?

What are the worst things about your current medication?

What other care or treatment are you receiving, apart from medication?

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Whilst in Canada I had steroid injections in my hips and knees as well as all the pills.

Since coming back to uk treatment is abysmal -see rheumatologist once a year -see practice nurse once a year

Have to call a help-line to get a nurse to ring back usually within 24 hours if have problems - unfortunately for me they now say the arthritis I have which hurts so much is in my fingers joints and it is osteo not rheumatoid arthritis - so no medication to help with pain and they refuse to do steroid injections in those joints.

I did have both hips replaced here which was excellent for me to be able to walk again.

Luckily for me the methotrexate works and I put up with the side-effects, the worse thing is that the diclofenac anti-inflamatories which are an excellent pain reliever and reduces the inflamation in my joints, I do not take all the time because of the risk of stomach problems.


Hi Ian on a bisomilar (Benepali) alongside Methetrexate and have started sulfazalasine as I'm not controlled at the moment, I've also have a few steroid injections in between appointments and have had acupuncture in the past as it also helps with pain, I'm on yearly appointments with the rheumatology consultant and see the specialist nurse in between the year and if I have problems with my RA, there is also a helpline I can phone and they usually get back to me within 24hours


I take hydroxychoroquine, the best thing is they work & I don’t get any side effects. I’ve been prescribed lots of other meds but they haven’t agreed with me. I don’t take any painkillers, my consultant was very concerned about this, which was very sweet of him & prescribed patches but I haven’t used them as yet. I’ve had four steroid injections which were fantastic but I find it so hard to go back to living with the pain when they wear off. My consultant has written to my GP to say I can have a steroid injection if needed. I haven’t asked for one there yet but I know I can in between appointments at the hospital. My visits to see the rheumatologist go between 3-6 months. I don’t have a nurse.

Other treatments: I don’t have other than a good diet (which I’ve always had) keeping fit which I’ve always done but find that a lot harder now. I do Aquafit twice a week I used to do yoga but found it became too painful mainly because I liked to keep up with the others. I walk daily. I rest a hell of a lot more & quite often I’m in bed 9-10 😩. Stress affects me a great deal but with adult children it can’t be avoided 😳.


I have been taking Hydroxychloroquine since diagnosis ( my request as concern to take the more toxic drugs) but really is not holding the disease, added Methotrexate for 6 months but couldn’t tolerate the side effects, then started Benepali with no side effects. There has been a slow improvement. In the beginning I was given a depo-medrome steroid injection but this did nothing for me so was switched to oral prednisone for a short while to get the inflammation under control. I am currently suffering a swollen finger ( new) and due an ultrasound so more meds may be added. I try to exercise ( Pilates, walking, yoga and swimming) and pace myself to remain useful throughout the day.


I was given methotrexate. Compromised liver. Now trying leflunomide. Not all symptoms gone.


I started on methotrexate which did nothing for the pain only made me feel very sick. Then stared on Sulfasalazine 6x500mg which also did nothing to relieve the pain. My next drug is going to be Costenyx, hopefully I get started soon as the pain is awful.


I would tell a newly diagnosed arthritis patient to be extremely patient with evetything and everyone medical.


I’ve turned away from the lying doctors and took my health into my own hands and have no symptoms since 2017 and food is my only medicine!


The best thing about my med is it is the considered the least harmful (from what I've read). Also, I am able to manage on a low dose - so this helps.

The worst is I know it can still cause liver damage. And I can see that it causes mouth ulcers and thinning hair. The other worst thing is that, although I manage (and staying on a lower dose is MY choice) my morning pain, stiffness, fatigue and depression does not go away. For this I take Kratom. I cannot get up in the morning without it.


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