Hi ,

I live in the United States.

I was just put on methotrexate by injection.

I keep reading how everyone uses a Metoject.

I was never offered that at the pharmacy.

They just handed me syringes and vials of methotrexate to use.

Thank god I was a nurse , now retired.. Even being a nurse it was difficult giving myself my first injection

Maybe we don't use the metoject here????

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  • Hi Lainey - I'm in the US as well. When I was first put on MTX, it was in the injector form. After a year B/C refused to pay for it unless I went to self injectables. I can tell you that the price on the injectors is outrageously high, and the self injecting not as much. So I would suspect that is the reason. If you are really squeamish about injecting yourself, talk to your doc and see if there is another option, after you talk with your insurance of course. Good luck with that and have a nice Easter

  • Hi, I also live in the US and am also a nurse. I was on humira and that was in a special syringe not sure if it was called Metoject. Initially I didn't like that type syringe but you didn't see the needle and I got adjusted to it. Side effects caused the medication to be changed to Cimzia. That is a prefilled syringe , needle is visible and I was quite anxious about self injection. I did go to the MD office and nurse observed my first injection. I am sure I will get adjusted to it and do a bit better the next time. This syringe has a sort of handle for a better grip which would be good for those with difficulty using their hands. If the medication works it will be great and I will adjust to the self injection From what i understand MTX uses the regular syringe that are prefilled here in US. I was taking it orally Hope you are doing OK now and positive results from MTX : )

  • I live in Canada and I can't get the Metoject either!! Apparently they recalled them. Maybe it was a North American recall?

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